Extra Durable AZM40 v2 with Extended Lifespan

Schmersal has upgraded its AZM40, the world’s smallest electronic solenoid interlock. Version 2 is distinguished by its enhanced protection class, extended mechanical life, and wider temperature range. This exceptionally strong interlock can now be retrofitted with new accessories.

AZM40 v2 for the Harshest Environments

The original Schmersal AZM40 interlock stands out for its compact housing, 180° angle flexibility of the actuator, bistable working principle, strong holding force and suitability for applications to Cat. 4/PL e/SIL 3. It can easily fit into small, hard-to-access spaces.

The upgraded Version 2 surpasses the original interlock with the highest level of protection against solids and liquids. An IP69-rated AZM40 v2 is engineered to function in extremely harsh environments, including those with frequent exposure to water, dust, and debris. This renders it suitable for applications demanding the most stringent waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

Furthermore, the interlock’s temperature range is extended to -20 °C to +55 °C and operational lifespan to 500,000 cycles.

AZM40 v2 solenoid interlock Schmersal

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Ensuring Safety: Emergency Exit and Release

Schmersal AZM40 v2 emergency exit and release

Thanks to the bistable interlock principle of the AZM40, the last locking state is preserved in case of power failure. This means that even during hazardous running movements, the safety door stays securely interlocked.

To further enhance safety, version 2 introduces emergency exit and release options. These accessories can be retrofitted directly onto the AZM v2. You have the choice between two versions: the lever and a push button. The push button option, resembling an emergency stop button, offers intuitive operation.

Prevent Unintentional Machine Start-Up

For larger, accessible machines and systems, service personnel can attach a lock to the lockout tag when entering the danger zone. This prevents the guard door from being closed and unintentional machine start-up from occurring.

Lockout tag features:

  • Attachment for up to six padlocks
  • Mounting inside and outside of the hazardous area
  • Practical retaining strap with securing chain
Schmersal AZM40 v2 lockout tag

Easily Mount the AZM40 v2 with Mounting Plates

Schmersal AZM40 v2 mounting plates

The AZM40 is designed for easy direct mounting to standard 40 mm aluminium profiles without projecting, making it suitable for small both rotating and sliding safety doors and flaps.

For other profile system widths (20/30/45/50/60 mm), a set of two universal mounting plates for the AZM40 v2 and the actuator can be used. This ensures fast and cost-effective assembly for a wide range of profile system widths.

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