The versatile solenoid interlock

The  AZM201 solenoid interlock from Schmersal is versatile in use and configuration. This guard locking system, designed for high-safety environments, features user-friendly and intuitive operation. Its comprehensive diagnostic functions help minimize downtime.

Harness the diverse use and configuration

The AZM201 solenoid interlock from Schmersal is a combination of solenoid interlock and electronic safety sensors, with a door handle actuator. It provides versatility in both application and configuration and accommodates both right and left-hinged doors. The actuator’s ability to be inserted from either side eliminates the need for different versions.

Due to its width, the AZM201 can be optimally mounted on 40 mm profiles. It is compatible with both hinged and sliding doors, seamlessly integrating with a variety of actuators.

Featuring self-monitoring series-wiring comprising 31 sensors and 3 LEDs to indicate operating conditions, the AZM201 is well-suited for environments with stringent safety requirements.

AZM201 Solenoid interlock Schmersal

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Actuate effortlessly and intuitively

Assuring simplicity and intuitive operation, the AZM201 solenoid interlock eliminates the need for additional door handles. The actuator seamlessly fits into its housing, preventing any protrusion into the open door and eliminating the risk of injury.

Integrated door detection sensors recognize door closure, and RFID technology in the solenoid interlock detects the actuator. Once the door handle is actuated, the solenoid interlock can be locked. The RFID technology allows users to choose from different coding levels, providing flexibility between low-coded and high-coded versions based on specific requirements.

Utilize a wide range of actuators

For hinged doors, the preferred choice is the B30 actuator, distinguished by its integrated door handle. Additionally, this actuator can be used with a locking rod, offering extra stability, especially for large doors up to a height of approx. 2.5 m. Alternatively, the B40 actuator is suitable for hinged doors, particularly effective for those with overlapping rebates compared to the B30.

Both actuator variants are optionally available with a rotary knob instead of a door handle and can be combined with an interior emergency exit, allowing the door to be opened from the inside if an operator becomes accidentally trapped.

For sliding doors, the more compact B1 actuator is offered in versions with or without an emergency exit.

Prevent being locked out

AZM201 lock out tags and emergency exits

Various lockout tags on the solenoid interlock act as emergency release devices, preventing accidental exclusion of personnel during maintenance. By attaching a lock to the tag upon entering a hazardous area, safety guards remain open, avoiding unintentional machine startups.

The B30 and B40 actuators feature integrated lockout attachments, with two additional versions available. One is a compact design passing through the actuator opening, and the other mounts above, fully covering the opening. The AZM201 solenoid interlock comes in monitored versions with power-to-unlock or power-to-lock principles, offering connector, screw terminal, and cage clamp options.

Raise the safety with the solenoid interlock AZM201

The AZM201 solenoid interlock complies with Performance Level e (Guard Locked) in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL3 in accordance with EN 62061.

Due to a possible use at temperatures from -25 to + 60 °C and the large number of possible actuator and accessory options, the field of application is highly diverse. The most common applications include robot cells, food processing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, medical applications, material handling systems, packaging machinery, chemical processing equipment, folding / brake / filter presses, punching machines, injection molding, palletizers, and packaging equipment, among others.

Intelligent safety components, such as the AZM201, help to raise the safety of industrial applications and minimise downtime thanks to comprehensive diagnosis functions.

Solenoid interlock AZM201 - accessories

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Solenoid interlock AZM201 Schmersal

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