Premium Closed-Loop Motor Drivers

R.T.A.’s X-PLUS RS4 series are high-power stepper motor drivers with upgraded features! With their closed-loop feature and STEP/DIR ADVANCED interface, they are tailor-made for advanced application requiring high performance, precision and accuracy.

Precise, Strong and Safe Motor Drivers

Like the other R.T.A. Motion Control Systems‘ X-PLUS stepper motor drivers, those in the RS4 series also feature a built-in “step & direction advanced” interface, an internal rectifier, and direct power input from the main AC supply (110-230 VAC).

However, they excell by the embedded Auto-Sync Function for closed-loop positioning, integrated safety function STO (SIL3), and enhanced acoustic behaviour.

X-PLUS RS4 motor driver RTA - highlights

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Extremely Accurate yet Easy Control

The embedded Auto-Sync function with encoder, featuring a closed-loop positioning, enhances the driver features while optimizing the motor performance.

Thanks to the closed-loop feture, the X-PLUS RS4 series drives motors in Step-Servo mode providing:

  • Greater accuracy with simultaneous position feedback and control
  • Smoother motor run
  • Absence of step losses
  • Easy set-up and parameter setting via DIP switches

Save Space with the RS4 Motor Drivers

The X-PLUS RS4 series is one of the most compact motor drivers available. These drivers can be used to control standard and industrial NEMA 23 (56 mm) or NEMA 34 (86 mm) stepper motors that are connected to the main AC supply.

They are the ideal solution for advanced applications requiring high performance, precision in motor behaviour and accuracy in control positioning.

X-PLUS RS4 motor driver dimensions

Provide safety and save costs

X-PLUS RS4 motor driver SIL3

The RS4 series stepper motor drivers feature an integrated safety function for the secure shutdown of the stepper motor, STO (SIL3). The STO (Safe Torque Off) disables machine current without interrupting the current of the driver. It halts the machine in emergencies and prevents unexpected startups.

The STO helps save costs on components and space since additional interrupts between the motor driver and the motor are unnecessary when the safety function is activated.

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X-PLUS series Motor Drivers R.T.A.

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