Servo Drives Sigma-7

Next generation servo drives Sigma-7 are a masterpiece in reliable precision performance. You can start them up in just a few minutes. Benefit from quick, application-specific drive adjustments for your servo solution and from maximised product output. Save time and money!

Quick. Fast. Reliable.

The Yaskawa Sigma-7 Servo Drives are distinguished by their consistently fast commissioning, high production output and maximum operational reliability. They provide you with Comprehensive Motor and Amplifier Power Range. Improved motor efficiency reduces heat generation and eliminates the need for additional cooling.

The Next level 24-Bit Absolute Encoder with the resolution of 16 million pulses/revolution enables extremely precise positioning, i.e. maximum accuracy. The Sigma-7 Series from Yaskawa perfectly integrates into existing automation systems due to embedded interfaces – EtherCat, PROFINET or Mechatrolink III.

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Easy to implement, commission and use

Take advantage of the Sigma-7 servo drives especially in packaging plants, semiconductor manufacturing, wood processing, digital printing machines and more.

Sigma-7 Series SERVOPACKs are equipped with a tuning-less function that allows the amplifier to detect load inertia and automatically adjust servo gains at the update rate of the position loop. You may never need to tune a Yaskawa servo over years of precise, productive operation.

Sigma-7 Series is equipped with a complete set of compensation algorithms that eliminate the mechanical impediments which rob a servo of speed, accuracy and smoothness of movement.

When using vibration suppression Sigma-7 Servo’s detect vibrations in the power train. Due to the outstanding control loop accuracy and superior position feedback from the 24-Bit encoder they are capable of neutralizing vibrations. The result is significantly less stress on machine parts and higher positioning accuracy at higher speed.

  • Much more torque output from every square millimeter of space
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Higher running torque and reduced cogging torque
  • Significantly reduced overall motor length
  • Optimized flux density in the motor

The Sigma-7 SERVOPACKs can drive standard rorary or linear servomotors, as well as direct drive torque motors without the need for different firmware.

Linear motors allow simplified machine construction with increased reliability and higher machine throughput. Iron-core motors are ideal for high accuracy applications requiring high forces while iron-less models are ideal for light dynamic moves.

Direct drive motors are equipped with high-precision 24-Bit encoders and precision bearings. They are available in a range of frame sizes with low, medium, and high inertia designs and optional hollow shafts in some formats.

YASKAWA Sigma-7 servo drives feature embedded interfaces like EtherCat, PROFINET or the Yaskawa’s high-performance motion bus Mechatrolink III.

Due to these built-in interfaces, you will be able to perfectly integrate Sigma-7 Series servo drives into existing automation systems. Thanks to its smart system construction, Sigma-7 Series enables high overall equipment efficiency and performance for your machines.

Features of the Sigma-7 Servo Motors

Standard rotary servo motors, as well as the direct and linear servo motors are available:

  • Backward compatible with Sigma-5 and Sigma II
  • Power 50 W – 15 kW
  • 24-bit high resolution encoder installed
  • Low heat generation
  • Fast acceleration
  • IP67 protection
  • Low and medium inertia models
Yaskawa Sigma-7 servomotor

Features of the Sigma-7 SERVOPACK Amplifiers

Yaskawa Sigma-7 SERVOPACKs

Match any Yaskawa servo motor with a SERVOPACK and enable precise control and shorter settling times. It’s software algorithms tune automatically, suppress vibration, and compensate for friction and ripples. Choose from single or dual axis designs.

• Built-in safety functions: SIL3, PL-e, CAT3
• Speed frequency response: 3,1 kHz
• Advanced safety functions: Stop category 1 and 2, safety limited speed
• Ripple compensation, vibration, suppression, etc.
• Possibility of feedback loop
• Integrated PROFINET, EtherCAT and Mechatrolink network connections
• 350% overload for 3-5 sec

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Yaskawa Sigma-7 PROFINET

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