UniStream PLC and touchscreen

The UniStream controller and touchscreen are worth of your attention, as they allow you to easily control demanding and the most space-limited applications.

Control demanding applications, even in tight spaces

The Unistream controller and touch screen are innovations introduced by Unitronics, who creates advanced technical solutions in the field of automation, with which you can implement easy control of your new applications or improve and update your existing ones.

As part of the solutions we present this time, they focused on transparent display and the possibilities of remote control and display of various devices. Introducing the improved UniStream controller and larger Unitronics touch screens that we believe are worth getting to know!

UniStream PLC and touchscreen

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UniStream PLC and touchscreen

The UniStream controller with 10.1 ”touch screen gives you high resolution and is available in various versions of already installed and expandable I/O units. On such a large screen, you will be able to display several dynamic elements at the same time, thus enabling a more efficient display of the operation of your device.

Choose the standard B5 model for your standalone application, but if you need more connectivity options with the advanced protocols used in Industry 4.0, take the Pro version of the B10. Both models will delight you with support for a variety of communication protocols, including MQTT, VNC, FTP, SNMP, email and SMS.

Exploit amazing functionalities

With all the other functionalities already known for the UniStream series, you will be able to make a powerful application with a modern look.

Advantages that will convince you:

  • self-adjusting PID controller,
  • saving data,
  • data tables,
  • work with recipes,
  • data sampling shown through built-in trends and gauges,
  • alarm interface,
  • passwords in several levels,
  • upright mode,
  • plug & play CANopen communication, CAN Layer2 , MODBUS, EtherNet/IP,
  • easy configuration of servo drive assemblies,
  • and other advanced features.
Unistream PLC functions

Meet different requirements

  • High quality color touch screen, size 10.1”, resolution 1024 × 600 pixels,
  • powerful CPU that can be expanded with additional 2048 I/O signals,
  • already built-in communication interfaces, such as Ethernet, USB host & device, so you can connect to the controller and connect it to the Internet,
  • additional communication interfaces, such as CANbus, RS232 and RS485, which will provide connection to other devices, motor drives, sensors and other peripherals.

Reduce development time by up to 50%

UniLogic software, designed to program UniStream controllers, will allow you to easily build your application. One of the advantages is that you can use already created ladder blocks, displays, web pages and program variables (so-called tags) several times, thus saving time for the development of your application. It integrates all the necessary modules for fast and efficient work, namely:

  • Ladder Development Tool
  • tool for easy design of displays and web pages,
  • Hardware configuration module,
  • Module for communication settings, …
Unilogic software

Don’t have space for a PLC? Use a touchscreen!

Ensure a reliable and transparent display of your application on UniStream controllers. There are two new 10.1”and 15.6” Unitronics touchscreens available. The new screens are intended to display applications from UniStream controllers with virtual HMI, which we have already written about on Tiptech’s website.

Of course, you can also remotely monitor and manage applications built on other UniStream series controllers with screens. There are also two smaller panels of 5” and 7”, which are intended primarily for smaller and simpler applications.

Monitor and operate machines and devices

And where can you use these screens? They are most useful for monitoring and operating machines and devices:

  • where there is no easy access,
  • if the device has several control points,
  • if the device is installed in a demanding environment,
  • if the operation of the device is monitored by several operators,
  • and in similar situations
Unitronics PLC and touchscreen

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