Cloud IIoT platform

The Complete, No-Code IIoT Cloud Platform for OEMs and Machine Builders

Connect your PLC to a cloud IIoT platform in minutes. For free!

Take advantage of the secure remote connection of your PLC to reduce your travel needs, increase efficiency, and enable data analysis. Without any prior programming knowledge, you can plug in and connect to your cloud service for free in less than half an hour. With UniStream controllers you can do this without additional hardware!

The direct, scalable and secure UniCloud platform allows you to easily create custom dashboards without special knowledge. Improve efficiency of your production, eliminate errors, enable preventive maintenance, reduces costs and increases business efficiency.

Enter the IIoT with UniCloud cloud platform

Cloud IIoT Unitronics UniCloud

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Exploit the Complete, No-Code IIoT Cloud Platform

Cloud IIoT Unitronics UniCloud diagram

UniCloud is a complete cloud IIoT platform for OEMs and Machine Builders for which you do not need any prior programming knowledge. All the power of the platform is thus completely in your hands!

The UniStream Cloud Series PLC is the only PLC controller on the market that has a built-in cloud with no monthly subscription . You can connect to it without a subscription and without additional hardware or software and use the UniCloud service!

  • Create multilingual dashboards with configuration only, no programming
  • Equip the control panel with your logo and colors
  • Users: Create and assign appropriate roles and personalize the dashboard
  • Machine Builders: create secure remote access for control and troubleshooting
  • Analyze performance by monitoring and managing operational data
  • You don’t need expertise on working with the cloud. UniCloud contains everything: cloud infrastructure, interfaces and functionality
  • Your connection will be safe from external intrusions

Increase production efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks

Use UniCloud cloud service to enable IIoT capabilities and gain key data:

  • Generate revenue: analyze data to locate sales opportunities for complementary products, consumables, and services
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) using centralized and aggregated data
  • Reduce unplanned slowdowns and stops
  • Monitor and improve process reliability
  • Reduce management and maintenance costs
  • Predict failures
Cloud IIoT Unitronics UniCloud setup

Install with ease in less then 30 minutes

  • No-code means no need for programming, IT knowledge, or Cloud expertise
  • UniCloud has a built-in cloud infrastructure, interfaces and functionality
  • With a simple “Drag & Drop” interface, you can quickly set up and boot your system
  • UniCloud platform works on the principle of Software as a Service – no need to install software components, database management service or hardware
  • Build your own dashboards, fast and easy–display data your way—customize data display with UniCloud’s Wizards
  • The service is fully and seamlessly embedded in Unitronics PLCs

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Cloud IIoT Unitronics UniCloud

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