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Internet of Things solutions (IoT) will allow you to collect, exchange and analyze data from a network of devices in your production or around the world. You can transform almost any physical object that you can connect to the Internet, into an IoT device. Experts from Tipteh not only have proven knowledge and backgrounds in IoT area. They also have the top equipment to help you leverage the power of remote access and data gathering to gain competitive advantage and increase your ROI.

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Exploit our experience in IIoT

The benefits of the IoT for business depend on the type of implementation, but efficiency and agility tend to be the forefront considerations. Enterprises with better access to extensive data about their own products and their own internal systems, boast a greater ability to implement changes.

At Tipteh, we recognized three important IoT application scenarios as currently the most attractive:

  • Remote Access and Monitoring for maintenance and control purposes,
  • Interconnection for persistent connections to multiple locations from single source,
  • Machine Data Collection for optimization purposes and failure prediction.
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Tipteh Remote Access and Monitoring solutions

With Industrial Remote Access solutions we can help you unlock connection to your machines and equipment, regardless of your location. Consequently, you can view and control interfaces, troubleshoot equipment and install updates.

Your machines become accessible to you for remote corrective maintenance from anywhere in the world, free of costly, time-consuming on-site visits. Our remote access solution is based only on security-certified softwares, for which security as the top priority. In addition, it is scalable and easy-to-deploy, also for unskilled IT users.

Grant full control over security to OT and IT departments

Central access management server will enable you:

  • Remote access control, to a single device or port,
  • Time-restricted remote access for 3rd party technicians,
  • Full audit trails of all events and remote access sessions,
  • Domain structures with visibility of infrastructure hierarchies,
  • Identity management using 2FA with optional AD integration,
  • Alarms and logging features,
  • Intuitive UIs, enabling accurate and secure day-to-day machine operation,
  • Account on Secomea hosted cloud-based GateManager server, or SaaS agreement with own GateManager hosted by Secomea, or in your own data center of Cloud.

Connect any system with ease

Automation and Service departments will appreciate easy setup and seamless machine remote access with multiple connection options to PLC, HMI or other industrial systems:

  • Automatic device discovery (PLC, HMI, etc.),
  • Easy industrial IoT gateway setup via USB memory stick,
  • Remote access to ethernet (Layer 2&3), USB and serial devices,
  • Automatic Windows client installation on first connect,
  • Remote access connection to VNC servers from all browsers,
  • Optional remote SCADA/MES access to all devices concurrently,
  • Industrial IoT Gateways available as both hardware and software,
  • Multiple industrial IoT gateway connection methods; WiFi, 4G and Local network.

Tipteh Interconnection solution

There is often a requirement for persistent connections to the distributed industrial remote devices from a central log server or SCADA system. At Tipteh, we offer several Internet of things solutions that try to meet the technical and commercial expectations of our costumers.

Our solutions are based on industrial routers from Teltonika by using traditional VPN solutions or on industrial gateways from Secomea by using LogTunnel services. In both cases we offer a comprehensive service with support, from topology planning to the point where you get stable and secure connection between the central location and remote locations is ensured.

Discover the Benefits of Interconnection Solutions

Setup is done by a simple drag-and-drop in the central GateManager portal. No routing, firewall or tunnel configuration is required.

Logging and Programming access is supported concurrently and independently of each other.

No need for public addresses exposed on the Internet. Both Master and Client devices can be installed behind corporate firewalls.

No dependency of static IP addresses. Both Master and Client devices can have dynamically assigned IP addresses.

No problem with conflicting IP subnets at remote sites, which is a common problem with VPN based solutions (even the central site can have same subnet as the remote sites).

Easy setup of logging direction (Pull and/or Push) and port/IP restrictions, for maintaining a high level of security.

LogTunnel allows full data tunneling for optimum freedom, where most non-VPN logging solutions rely on predefined values to be collected and submitted (web post).

On hardware SiteManagers, LogTunnel can access devices on both the SiteManager Uplink and DEV side. Typically, VPN solutions would only allow access to the DEV side (aka the LAN interface).

Tipteh Machine Data Collection solution

Machine Data Collection is the most efficient way for machine builders and manufacturers to increase machine uptime and save costs. Data provides you with valuable insight into actual statistics of machine performance.

This way it ensures continuous real-time tracking and monitoring of machine health, production status, and empowered decision-making with historical analysis. Based on machine data, machine operators and maintenance staff are better equipped to make informed decisions and generate accurate predictions.

Say hello to the benefits of the Machine Data Collection:

  • Problem prevention through the selected equipment monitoring,
  • Increased throughput through the bottleneck identification,
  • Quality improvement through sensors’ data deviation monitoring,
  • Optimization of resource efficiency through the status of operation visualization,
  • Compliance provision through the retention of production and event data,
  • Increase in overall effectiveness (OEE) through the above benefits, ultimately leading to cost reduction.

Need a comprehensive Data Collection service?

Tipteh acts as a Data Collection one-stop source, i.e., we provide not only the enterprise software solutions but also the top hardware and support. Our starting point is a thorough conversation with a client together with a case analysis, to obtain a general idea of what the client needs. Accordingly, we customize our data collection solutions to fit our client’s needs.

Together, we select the optimal IoT hardware and deploy a solution in the client’s manufacturing plant or specific machine. In the productive phase, we provide a help desk and technical support with individual service level agreement to ensure our client’s success.

Internet of Things solutions

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