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Machine Safety equipment is designed to protect against a variety of working hazards. These hazards range from fatal accidents and various injuries to your employees to costly time-consuming damage to your production equipment. To ensure compliance with international safety standards, we offer you high-quality equipment from top manufacturers.

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Develop Machine Safety applications without hazards

We offer safety products and systems from leading manufacturers, which are certified to the highest-level of functional safety. Their equipment enables you to monitor and enforce adequate protection for employees and applications.

In our portfolio you will find products from:

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Find the perfect optoelectronic safety sensor

In our extensive line of Optoelectronic Safety Sensors, you will find a suitable and efficient safety solution for point-of-operation, danger-zone and access guarding:

Safety Light Curtains are electro-sensitive protective devices with 5 or more light beams. They protect workers and machines from safety hazards by creating a sensing screen that guards machine access points and perimeters.

Safety Light Barriers are single-beam safety light devices, offering you an economical and highly reliable safety solution.

Safety Light Grids are electro-sensitive protective devices with 2-4 light beams. If one or more of them is interrupted, a machine or system is stopped.

Safety Laser Scanners are universal all-rounders for your safety-tasks. They will take care of danger zone guarding, access guarding or point of operation guarding.

Radar Safety Devices are used for area and access guarding. They ensure high system availability even in harsh environments.

In addition to the main safety components, also a vast range of machine Safety Light Curtains Accessories and Safety Laser Scanners Accessories are available.

Choose electromechanical machine safety equipment

Safety Switches are available with a wide range of functions and different designs. They enable you to accurately monitor movable safety guards (e.g., safety doors, sliding grilles or flaps).

Safety Locking Devices prevent the inadmissible access of your workers until the guarded machine no longer poses a danger.

In emergencies, different Safety Command Devices enable your workers to safely stop the machine by simply pressing a button or pulling a rope.

Two-Hand Controls provide higher level of protection as they require workers to use both hands to operate the machine.

Safety-Fieldbox that provides flexible, individually configurable safety solutions for complex machines and systems, as well as transmission of diagnostics and status information, will help you deploy condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Or other machine safety equipment

Safety-monitoring Modules, Input Expanders, Output Extensions, Standstill Monitors, Safety Relays, Programmable Safety Controllers will provide the efficient and reliable integration of safety sensors in the machine safety circuit. In this way, your safety solutions will achieve the best-possible protection without interfering in the processes.

AS-Interfaces (AS-i) excel with their low installation, wiring and connection costs. Simple retrofitability of the safety technology with larger AS-i systems can further greatly reduce your installation costs.

Safety solutions for Robots, Cobots and End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT) make robots safe for humans and thus efficient for your enterprise. By using these solutions, you will benefit from cost efficiency, higher productivity, and simplified risk analysis.

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