is a manufacturer of the most advanced safety radar in the world.

Inxpect offers you safety radar systems for advanced industrial automation and robotics systems, preventing machinery from restarting in the presence of people.

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Provide superior workplace safety

Inxpect offers the most advanced safety radar systems for detecting people in dangerous working areas, enabling you effective accident prevention.

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Protect access and prevent restart

Inxpect is a young tech company that designs and builds radar-based safety systems for advanced industrial automation and robotics applications.

As radar technology is resistant to disturbances caused by environmental factors, Inxpect’s systems can adapt to many different usage situations in a wide range of working environments.

A one-of-a-kind radar expert team with all the necessary skills for developing intelligent radar sensors is reflected in the Inxpect’s technology that you can rely on.

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The key benefits of a safety radar system

More about Inxpect

A passion that grows from month to month guides Inxpect’s team. They have in-depth knowledge of the global safety market. They know what different industries need and they want to revolutionize the world of industrial safety, bringing the idea of safety to a new level and saving human lives.

Inxpect is an international company with offices in Italy (Brescia and Florence) and Israel (Haifa) and with the future plan to develop internationally.

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  • Inxpect_LBKSystemBus

INXPECT safety radar system

The LBK safety radar system is a volumetric safety device based on radar technology that offers superior safety in demanding environments.

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