EX Safety Barriers

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Ex Safety Barriers (Ex Isolation Amplifiers) transmit switching operations from an intrinsically safe control circuit to a non-intrinsically safe active current circuit. They prevent electrical conduction between the two circuits via galvanic separation and thus protect your electrical circuits in potentially flammable and hazardous areas.

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Transfer intrinsically safe signals with EX Safety Barriers

EX safety barriers

EX safety barriers are used for protection of human life in those application where hazardous power line leakage or high voltage transients are possible.

We offer a complete range of functions, designs, and variants for isolating, conditioning, processing, converting, and matching digital and analog signals in control and automation. The various designs meet the highest industrial standards and ensure flexibility in the planning, construction, and expansion of your industrial plant.

The intrinsic isolation amplifiers that provide the highest level of protection for your plants’ hazardous areas are manufactured by world’s leading companies:

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Protect your electrical circuits

EX safety barriers supply power to the sensors in a hazardous area, receive a proportional current, convert digital input signals to output signals, amplify them and transfer switching signals to a control device. Signals can be connected up to Zone 0/Div. 1 in order to limit the energy to the field, thereby ensuring no explosion is possible.

As these devices are designed for a voltage range between 20-250 VAC/20-125 VDC, you can connect them to any industrial supply network. This considerably simplifies your device selection, stock‑keeping and spare parts management.

The intrinsic isolation amplifiers offer not only sufficient power reserves and reliable protection against under- and overvoltage, but they also meet explosion protection requirements.

Check the advantages of EX safety barriers

EX safety barriers

EX safety barriers will impress you with their flexibility and simple use, as they have only two terminals for the power supply (both AC and DC).

The EX Isolation Amplifiers feature removable terminals to simplify the design, conversion and maintenance of installations. This allows you to install the devices easier, prevents wiring errors when replacing them, and provides reduction of mounting and associated costs.
The devices with screw and cage clamp terminals are available. The male connectors are coded to prevent the incorrect connection.

Different EX Safety Barriers series that provide the isolation, conditioning, processing, conversion and matching of digital and analog signals, feature a compact, space saving design. As these slim and multichannel devices can be mounted directly next to each other, this saves space in your control cabinet without any loss in the level of user‑friendliness and reliability.

The EX Safety Barriers series are designed for snap‑on mounting on DIN rails but you can also fasten them on a mounting plate with screws. The devices can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

To allow an easy handling in your daily routine tasks, EX isolation amplifiers should have precisely the range of functions that you require for your application. In order to meet all requirements in terms of handling, commissioning and diagnostics, our wide portfolio offers a selection of different operating concepts, suitably packaged in the required design. From the compact variants to teachable devices with intuitive menu guidance, to modules with convenient parameter setting and diagnostics, to FDT/DTM technology.

All EX Safety Barriers feature intrinsically safe input and output circuits and are approved according to the new framework directive 94/9/EC, regarding equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

They can thus be used as associated equipment. Their terminals are designated for connection of intrinsically safe signals.

Benefit from a tailored solution for every requirement

A wide selection range of the EX Safety Barriers provide you with the flexibility and versatility you need in order to create tailored solutions for your application: compact designs, flexible operating concepts and configurations, as well as a wide range of functions for isolating, conditioning, processing, converting and matching digital and analog signals in 1- to 4‑channel versions.

Regardless of whether for standard or special applications, for simple or complex requirements, with manual setting or PC programming, with status indication or differentiated diagnostic functions – the Ex isolation amplifiers are suitable for universal use and cover the entire range of high performance tasks.

Use isolation amplifiers in a wide variety of applications

Typical Applications of EX safety barriers

Typical Applications for the use of isolation amplifiers:

  • Monitoring plant components such as pumps, drives, and boilers,
  • Controlling critical application, e.g., paint shops, gas- and oil-pipelines, etc.,
  • Connecting safety devices to control panels.


  • Chemical,
  • Oil/gas production and processing,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Food and beverage,
  • Wastewater,
  • Steel production and
  • much more.

Check out one of the success stories

The Wilhelm Niemann Maschinenfabrik installs space saving isolating switching amplifiers and temperature measuring amplifiers from Turck’s IMX12 interface series in the control cabinet. These send the signals of the operator buttons to the field and transfer intrinsically safe digital and analog input signals.

Namely, W. N. Maschinenfabrik is a company that manufactures mixers and mills for the paint, varnish, and chemical industry. Customers use them almost exclusively in explosion hazardous areas.

Niemann produces three basic machine types, the dissolver, the basket mill, and the “Butterfly” Kreis dissolver. One thing is common to all machines – their use in explosion hazardous areas. Read more

Applications of EX isolating switching amplifiers

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