Ex and non-Ex Isolating Switching Amplifier

Turck’s four-channel isolating switching amplifier IM18-4DI and IMX18-4DI both offer a high signal density and a flexibly configurable splitter function. Take advantage of their flexibility and space saving design in Ex and non-Ex areas.

Fit isolating switching amplifier into small control cabinets

Turck is presenting the IM18-4DI compact, four-channel isolating switching amplifier for non-Ex areas and IMX18-4DI for Ex areas. An 18 millimeter wide module with four signals provides a high channel density. Consequently, it can be installed in small control cabinets and decentralized or modular automation systems.

Benefit also from the flexibility of the device, e.g., the IM(X)-4DI features a splitter that can be configured as a dual 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 splitter. Moreover, the effective direction of the switching outputs is reversible.

Four-channel isolating switching amplifier Turck

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Create safety-related applications

four-channel isolating switching amplifier for Ex environment

With the 4-channel isolating switching amplifiers, Turck is meeting the increasing demand for especially compact solutions for modular machines. The IMX18-4DI devices need almost a third less space on the DIN rail than similar installations with two-channel devices.

The SIL2 certification of these devices, together with Turck’s SIL proximity switches, enables the creation of safety-related applications.

You can make the best use of the isolating switching amplifiers in the chemical, oil & gas, and food industries.

Power the isolating switching amplifier via Power-Bridge

The signal cables are mechanically connected with spring-loaded or screw terminals. Optional power supply via Power-Bridge is possible in the Power-Bridge variants that can be supplied from the rear via the DIN rail.

A group fault signal contact makes it possible to indicate error messages, which with the Power Bridge variants can be implemented via the DIN rail.

Four-channel isolating switching amplifier in cabinet

Provide compact Ex protection with the IMX series

Turck IMX12-SG interface

Turck’s IMX interface device series provides fast and precise signal processing in the smallest space, reliable supply of connected instrumentation and long maintenance-free operation. You benefit from investment security and availability for a long period of time.

These devices are:

  • Reliable; they combine Turck’s vast experience with state-of-the-art technology
  • Global; they offer worldwide approvals, and thus ensure their applicability in different systems
  • Safe; they comply with IEC61508 and can be used in safety circuits up to SIL2
  • Flexible; with diverse functionality and a wide voltage range (10–30 VDC), these devices are tailored to the requirements of various applications

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