Cabinet monitoring with IM12-CCM cabinet guard

The IM12-CCM from Turck has been specially developed to meet the cabinet condition monitoring requirements of machine and systems engineering. It allows you to control the door closure as well as the relevant environmental parameters inside the cabinets in the non-Ex areas. Due to its slim design, you can easily install this cabinet guard into existing switch cabinets.

Monitor conditions continuously and reliably

Turck has introduced the IM12-CCM cabinet guard for monitoring of ambient variables inside control cabinets and protective enclosures in the non-Ex area. Its development was based on the IMX12-CCM cabinet guard, which is intended for use in hazardous areas (Ex areas).

Featured functionalities of the IM12-CCM have proven to be useful for e.g., the control of the switch cabinets in the IT industry and the control of protective enclosures for other automation equipment in the environments without the explosion hazard risk. With this device, you will establish better control over operating conditions and help prevent mechanical failures.

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Take advantage of the advanced monitoring functionalities

IM12-CCM cabinet guard features

The IM12-CCM (control cabinet monitoring) cabinet guard features an accurate triangulation sensor that measures the distance to the control cabinet’s door. The device thus detects incorrectly closed doors and provides that they are properly closed at all times.

With integrated temperature and humidity sensors, the exceeding of moisture and temperature limits is detected. In this way, you’ll be able to prevent the occurrence of critical deviations and to simplify control at the same time.

The IM12-CCM features an internal data logger that stores data for up to two years. The date and time of each cabinet door opening is recorded and saved to the logger. However, the data can always be retrieved via the IO-Link interface.

The cabinet guard can be used in larger control cabinets where more than one control device is required. In the master-slave mode, you will be able to connect two IM12-CCM cabinet guards. The master captures and processes the data of the slave and sends a signal to the controller.

Set parameters of Cabinet Monitoring easily

Due to its slim 12.5 mm DIN-rail design, the cabinet guard allows easy installation on the DIN rail even into small electrical cabinet. The IM12-CCM can also be easily retrofitted in existing installations. The IM12-CCM from Turck excels in measuring the operating conditions of machines and other infrastructure equipment.

The IM12-CCM will also convince you with its quick teach mode, which enables you to set custom limit values easily in the field. Alternatively, parameters can be set via IO-Link or an FDT framework such as PACTware.

Here you can read an article on different use cases of the IM12-CCM cabinet guard from Turck!

IM12-CCM cabinet condition monitoring Turck

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IM12-CCM cabinet condition monitoring Turck

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