Vision Sensors

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Vision sensors use captured images for position, quality and completeness inspection of a manufactured part or product in automation industry and logistics environment. They are optimized for specific, relatively simple error-proofing applications, such as presence/absence and pass/fail inspections. With sensors that combine the power of a machine vision system with the simplicity and affordability of an industrial sensor you can easily solve such inspections, thus reducing defects and increasing yield.

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Compact and easy-to-use Vision Sensors

Characteristics of the vision sensors are a fixed number of predefined, application-specific image evaluation functions and system components (i.e., camera, optics, illumination, evaluation unit) that are integrated in a single compact and robust housing. The described design enables you the application options that could previously be accomplished only by using high-grade, high-cost image processing systems.

Vision sensors are distinguished by their relative ease-of-use and quick deployment, as well as affordability. Despite their simplicity, sensors from our portfolio meet strict quality standards and ensure consistently high performance and reliability. They reflect rich experience of top manufacturers:

Perform multiple types of inspections

Cost-effective Vision Sensors are purpose-built to:

  • determine the presence/absence of parts,
  • generate simple pass/fail results.

They include a library of software tools that perform different types of inspections. Moreover, from a single acquired image, they can perform multiple types of inspections and deliver multiple pass/fail results. Unlike general-purpose sensors, they can handle multiple inspection points per target.

These sensors can also detect their targets by color, feature, and pattern. They can detect specific parts within a very wide region of interest and can do so dynamically as the part moves along the line. Thanks to their wide field of view, the detection is possible even when the target position is not consistent.

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Set up vision sensors quickly and easily

Vision sensors presence-absence check

Vision sensors enable user-friendly parameterization and operation, without programming. They provide easy guided set-up through vision software interfaces. Also, you can easily integrate them into larger systems. As the result of their image evaluation these sensors provide a digital information. Most sensors offer built-in Ethernet for data exchange with other systems, result communication and triggering subsequent stages of an inspection.

You can easily link a network of vision sensors to plant and enterprise networks. In this way, any workstation in the factory is able view results, images, and data for process control. It is the vision software that configures camera parameters, makes the pass/fail decision, communicates with the factory floor, and supports HMI development depending on the specific system or application.

Solve industrial image processing tasks in real time

Machine vision sensors help you streamline your operations and increase profitability. With an array of vision tools and the possibility to perform multiple inspections per target, vision sensors can cut down on cycle time and improve product quality downstream.

Benefit from these sensors in manufacturing operations from simple presence checks to color and shape inspection, contour analysis, pattern recognition, counting and sorting of objects, quality control, completeness control, assembly control, positioning and orienting, labelling, gripping, and guiding, etc.

Vision sensors

Take advantage of Vision Sensors in different applications

The vision sensors are indispensable in a wide variety of industries including heavy manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, electronics, logistics, transportation, etc. By using vision sensors at key process points, defects can be caught earlier in the manufacturing process and equipment problems can be identified more quickly.

Check out some of the possible applications below or read more about the usage options.

Vision sensors code evaluation

Evaluation of printed and directly marked codes

Vision sensors feeding small parts

Feeding of small parts in correct alignment

Vision sensors pick-and-place

Pick and Place

Vision Sensors_Inspecting LEDs

Inspecting LEDs in car production

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