In-Sight Vision Sensor – All-in-One Vision Sensor from Cognex

The In-Sight Vision Sensor Cognex is primarily intended for the end user and is therefore designed to be as easy to configure as possible.

In-Sigt Vision Sensor – Enter the world of machine vision

The In-Sight sensor is an award-winning “all-in-one” industrial sensor with a built-in camera, processor, lighting, optics and I/O signals. It can detect and scan up to 6,000 targets per minute. Packed in an industrial IP67 housing, it allows subsequent installation in tight spaces.

Improve your process management; include optical control with vision sensor in the production line, analyze events, optimize ejection. The In-Sight Vision sensor is a good entry point into the world of machine vision and production optimization. Now the vision sensor is also available in a color version for easy control of the color properties of objects!

In-Sight Vision Sensor Cognex

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