Zebra Aurora Vision Studio for Machine Vision Engineers

With Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3, Zebra Technologies is upgrading its efficient and flexible software for machine and computer vision engineers with interesting innovations and features. Quickly create, integrate and monitor typical machine vision applications or develop large-scale projects tailored to your requirements without any prior programming skills!

Create demanding vision systems easily 

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio from Zebra Technologies is an efficient  data-flow based software, which includes an extensive set of powerful image analysis tools. Although this industry-leading software requires no programming skills, it is used in many of the most demanding vision systems.

Its architecture is highly flexible, enabling users to design a customised solution in a simple, three-step workflow: designing an alorithm, creating a custom HMI and deploying it to a PC-based industrial computer. In this way, the Zebra Aurora Vision Studio is easily adaptable to specific requirements of any project.

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3

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Accelerate Your Vision Systems with Zebra Aurora Vision Studio

What makes Zebra Aurora Vision Studio stand out?

  • It accelerates the creation of vision systems, making it considerably faster than engaging in low-level programming
  • It is regarded as the most powerful graphical software in the market
  • It provides access to all the necessary tools for industrial image analysis, delivering unparalleled performance and flexibility
  • In an ever-changing world with emerging challenges, this tool introduces innovative approaches to effectively tackle these challenges

Achieve a higher standard in machine vision

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3 is an upgraded software suite from Zebra Technologies, defining a higher standard for machine vision software.

In comparison to the 5.1 version, the 5.3 version boasts exciting new features, including a tool for automatic text detection in images without prior training, improved tools for character reading and feature detection using deep learning, new and improved filters, as well as the Linux & Android and hardware supports. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Zebra’s products are now build with Visual Studio 2022, gaining a few percent performance gain for some tools.

Detect text in images effortlessly

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3 Text Locator

DL_LocateText is an innovative tool providing automatic text detection in images without the need for prior deep learning model training or extensive setup. It simplifies text localization by finding the region of interest (ROI) for DL_ReadCharacters, even in challenging text locations. This tool is capable of detecting text at various orientations and font sizes.

Consequently, you benefit from:

No training is necessary, allowing you to quickly incorporate DL_LocateText into your workflow.

Automated text detection eliminates the need for manual intervention or complex setup.

DL_LocateText handles challenging text locations with precision, ensuring accurate ROI identification.

DL_LocateText works with various text orientations and font sizes, accommodating different scenarios.

Boost Efficiency with Advanced Filters

  • A new Multi-code Reading Tool introduces a capability to read multiple code types simultaneously. This streamlines the code reading process, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • A new algorithm incorporated into Data Matrix code reader enables accurate and reliable reading of Data Matrix codes, even when modules have varying polarity.
  • The efficiency and precision of reading 1D codes and recognising 3D objects are enhanced, ensuring faster, more reliable and precise results.
  • The inclusion of multiple Auxiliary Filters serves as valuable instruments for manipulating and examining images, broadening the software’s functionalities and empowering more sophisticated tasks in image processing and shape recognition.
Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3 Advanced Filters

Other changes in Zebra Aurora Vision Studio

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3 Filmstrip control

Filters without set inputs are now marked as “Not Ready” instead of interrupting program execution. They function as disabled filters when running a program, allowing for smoother program execution.

Auto-connect feature is optimized, resulting in fewer false positive connections.

Filmstrip control automatically updates its content when file changes are detected.

Deep Learning Add-on (both training and inference) is now also available for Linux.

The Aurora Vision Library and Deep Learning Add-on (inference only) are now compatible with the Android operating system.

Added support for:

  • Zebra Scanner SDK,
  • Matrox® 4Sight EV6 and EV7 industrial computers,
  • HIKROBOT industrial computers,
  • Nodka industrial computers (NKDIO SDK).

Updated support for:

  • Vimba SDK to version 6.0
  • SmartRay SDK to version
  • FlyCapture SDK to version
  • Spinnaker SDK to version
  • SynView SDK to version 1.03.014

For the complete list of changes, please see the Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3 Release Notes.

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