Panel air conditioners for maximum productivity

Panel air conditioners Teknokol provide effective cooling of sensitive electrical components inside electrical cabinets while keeping out contaminants. These industrial cooling units ensure the protection and longevity of your equipment, preventing both production disruptions and material losses caused by major systemic damages. Thanks to their innovative design and easily accessible standard components, Teknokol’s AC units take the lead in the market.

Prevent overheating in the electrical panel

Industrial control panels house and protect different electrical components for powering and controlling (PLCs, VFDs, contactors, fuses, switches, etc.), each of which operates within an optimal temperature range. In many cases natural cooling is not sufficient to prevent overheating of the delicate electrical equipment.

Teknokol, the supplier to world-leading integrators of support arms, control panels, and control systems, now provides also high quality panel air conditioners. By maintaining the temperature inside the electrical enclosures at or below a safe level, these cooling units mitigate the risk of electrical fire or other hazardous situations caused by excessive heat, preventing production disruptions and material losses resulting from significant systemic damages.

Panel air conditioners Teknokol

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Increase Cooling Capacity with panel air conditioners

Variety of panel air conditioners Teknokol

The panel air conditioners from Teknokol provide effective cooling while maintaining a “closed-loop” environment inside the enclosures, contributing to overall safety in industrial settings. The sensitive electrical equipment is protected from harmful influences such as:

  • Moisture; In humid environments, condensation inside enclosures can harm electronic components. Cooling systems with dehumidification mechanisms minimize moisture and prevent condensation.
  • Dust and Contaminants; Industrial environments can be contaminated with dust, dirt, and corrosive chemicals that can hinder equipment functionality. Cooling climate control systems utilize filters and air purifiers to keep the enclosure clean and protect component integrity.

Advantages of Teknokol’s panel air conditioners

Components and control units of Teknokol’s panel air conditioners are not proprietary, so the spare parts and control units can be easily procured anywhere and at affordable prices.

On the other hand, proprietary parts (e.g., pressure switch, digital thermostat, evaporator/condenser) and control units of competitive AC units are mostly available only through their manufacturers, often at considerably higher prices (up to 40%).

  • The grooved tubes (also “micro corrugated” tubes) used in the condensers and evaporators of panel air conditioners provide extra cooling performance and increase energy efficiency. The inner surface of these tubes is 30% larger, and their heat transfer capacity is about 1.8-2times greater compared to the smooth tube used in competitive AC units.
  • Increased interlamellar space (4.1mm compared to 1.8–2 mm in competitive AC units) within the condensers and evaporators helps prevent clogging in polluted environments, ensuring proper airflow. As a result, the lifespan of the components is extended, and maintenance costs are reduced.
  • Both Teknokol’s condenser and evaporator are designed to be repairable in case of a breakdown, unlike those in competitive AC units that require expensive replacements.
Panel air conditioners - advantages

Panel air conditioners Teknokol at a glance

Panel air conditioners - cooling capacities range
  • Cooling needs are achieved with a single panel air conditioner
  • Optimal cooling performance is ensured together with exceptional cost-effectiveness
  • Homogeneous and effective cooling throughout the space is provided
  • Special design effectively safeguards against dust particles
  • Electricity and maintenance costs are low
  • Aesthetic design of the panel forms allows seamless blending into various surroundings
  • Easy technical maintenance and cleaning requires minimal upkeep and infrequent maintenance

A variety of cooling units to meet every cooling need

Cooling capacities of the industrial panel air conditioners range from 500–2000 W, ensuring efficient cooling regardless of the size of enclosures and requirements. The AC noise level ranges from 63 dB for less powerful devices to 73 dB for the most powerful ones. A R134a refrigerant gas with a lower ozone depletion potential makes these ACs less harmful to the atmosphere and the environment. Upgrade with an integrated electric condensate evaporator feature is possible, enabling efficient condensation management and thus reducing the need for manual maintenance.

Each cutting-edge cooling unit is designed for reliable performance and optimal heat dissipation in industrial environments. They are crafted using only the finest components of unparalleled quality, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability. Their efficiency is the result of ongoing R&D studies.

A range of panel air conditioners Teknokol

Use the panel air conditioners across industries

Application of the panel air conditioners Teknokol

The cooling of electrical panels or cabinets is essential in any application to ensure the proper functioning and protection of components, longevity of machinery and equipment, while also enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining a safe working environment. Consequently, they prevent and avoid production and/or distribution downtime and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Different models of cooling units Teknokol can be used indoors and outdoors across industries, from the food to the appliance sectors. Although their main purpose is an effective cooling, aesthetic considerations were also considered during the design process.

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