M12 connectors with plastic locking nut

M12 connectors with a plastic locking nut from Escha facilitate complex connections due to their colour coding. Use the robust and cost-effective nuts in four colors in demanding applications in which the role of the reliable color coding is crucial.

Adapted for demanding applications

M12 connectors with a plastic locking nut from ESCHA, will make it easier for you to manage complex connections. The nuts are currently available in four colors. As they are specially adapted for demanding use, they are mainly used in the chemical industry and in other corrosive environments that are less or unsuitable for metal parts (e.g., when using chemicals in galvanic plants, chlorine in plumbing systems, etc.), where the role of color coding is important, and elsewhere.

ESCHA plastic locking nuts are extremely robust and dispose of a decisive advantage over stainless steel locking nuts. Thanks to their unique design, you can tighten them by hand or with a torque wrench. IP67 and IP68 plastic locking nuts comply with the IEC 61076-2-101 standard.

M12 connectors with plastic locking nut Escha

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Facilitate a quick allocation or distinction

M12 connectors with plastic locking nut Escha

The M12 connectors are available with black, gray, red and blue color-coding plastic locking nuts. Thanks to different colours, you can easily mark connectors facilitating a quick allocation or distinction and preventing errors in their installation and maintenance.

For sensor applications, several pin versions (3-, 4-, 4 + PE-, 5-, 8-, 12-pin) are available with all standard combinations of M12 connectors, several versions of PVC and PUR cables, including cable for robotic applications.

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Check the benefits of plastic locking nuts

  • Thanks to high-quality plastics, they are media- and temperature- resistant.
  • They are optimal for use in utility vehicle area and in environments where water, mud or oil are present.
  • They are suitable for environments with the extreme temperatures; from -30 °C to +90 °C.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain at temperatures.
  • UV stabilizers prevent the formation of a porous or rough surfaces.
M12 connectors with plastic locking nut Escha, resistant

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M12 connectors with plastic locking nut Escha

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