Unitronics PLC in Slovenian medical respirator

Due to the crisis posed to the world by the COVID-19 virus, the partners of the project for the development of the Slovenian medical respirator “DIHAM” joined forces and in a very short time developed a prototype of a respirator to save lives. They have developed a medical respirator that will be able to be completely self-sufficiently produced in Slovenia with Slovenian knowledge and components. Among other things, they also used our Unitronics Unistream PLC controller in the respirator.

The principle of operation of the DIHAM respirator

We respectfully announce that the companies Domel , Lotrič Meroslovje , Zavod 404 , Tehnološki park Ljubljana , EKWB and the company BPMC participated in the project . The first four companies are also our valued partners. To describe the operation of the DIHAM respirator, it is best to quote the manufacturers.

It is a so-called turbine pressure respirator (without inflatable bellows), intended for the most critical patients, with severely damaged lungs who can no longer breathe on their own and need a medically adapted dosage of a mixture of air and oxygen. The device is designed in such a way that it can operate in a hospital environment as well as in mobile hospitals or even independently.

The core of the device is a blower motor, and the device independently provides its own source of pressure and air flow, which means that it does not need compressed air. The device is independent of other sources if it is provided with only an electrical network and an oxygen source, which can be central or from a gas bottle with oxygen. The regulation of the device allows adjustment according to the patient’s condition and to the instructions of the medical staff. SOURCE

DIHAM respirator

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3 different modes of operation

  1. The first method is “Double Pressure or BIPAP”. It is characterized by the device ‘breathing’ instead of the patient when he is unconscious or in a coma.
  2. “CPAP”, in this case the device waits for the patient’s breath via a mask or tube, the so-called “trigger” or trigger signal. The patient is conscious and breathes independently with the help of a respirator. The respiratory rate is dictated by the patient, and the respirator helps breathing to the patient.
  3. The last way is “High flow”. The oxygen-enriched air flow travels through the tubes to the patient’s nose, thus providing the patient with sufficient flow and oxygen during independent breathing.

PLC controller for control and monitoring of respirator

DIHAM respirator with Unitronics PLC

The controller screen is designed so that you can accurately and remotely monitor patient status to reduce the risk of infecting your staff in the following areas:

The touch screen also works when handling protective gloves

You can access the displays on the Unistream controller screen remotely from your mobile phone or tablet.

The built-in alarm system allows you to set alarm limits and send alarm notifications to staff mobile phones

Staff access management can be done in a simple way on several levels (nurse, therapist and doctor)

Integration can be performed with any other artificial respiration (CPR) device

Freely programmable UniStream PLC enables

  • Respiratory rate,
  • The ratio between the length of inhalation and exhalation,
  • Inlet pressure,
  • Maintenance of positive expiratory pressure (PEEP), Oxygen level.

View alarm alerts and respond appropriately to alerts via both the controller screen and the mobile phone

  • Actual pressure,
  • Lung volume,
  • Actual pressure at the end of exhalation.
Unitronics PLC and touchscreen

Check out the general functional design

DIHAM respirator - general functional design

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