Robust PLC UniStream with Virtual HMI

PLC UniStream USC series are controllers without physical HMI interface. Unitronics designed the series based on the powerful UniStream series. This way, you keep all the functionalities that this powerful series offers and at the same time save money, as the absence of screen reduces further costs.

Access the controller remotely

PLC UniStream USC series controller, like the entire series of UniStream controllers, offers you advanced communication support and consequently allows easy integration into Industry 4.0 applications. The HMI-free PLC offers Virtual HMI functionality, in which the HMI program and the PLC control logic run.

This brings a unique advantage as it is possible to visualize the equipment or access the process via various devices such as a mobile phone, computer or remote display device. PLC with Virtual HMI represents a breakthrough in the industry and a competitive advantage over other manufacturers of this type of equipment.

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Customize the PLC to your needs

PLC UniStream with virtual HMI
  • The robust and powerful HMI-free controller is available in 3 different models – PRO (B10), Standard (B5) and Basic (B3).
  • It includes support for the Web server and supports various communication protocols.
  • You can also connect more than 2,000 I/O’s modularly to it.

Check out the UniStream features

  • Possibility to expand up to 2048 digital and analog I/O,
  • I/O modules for high speed inputs and temperature measurement,
  • External memory: Micro-SD,
  • Up to 64 self-adjusting, independent loops
  • Data logging, Sampling in Recipes
  • Full HMI functionality
  • Support for various resolutions
  • Integrated Drag & Drop graphics library for easy screen design
  • Multilingual support
  • Built-in alarm screens
  • Ability to view pdf files
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Built-in ports: Ethernet TCP / IP, USB, Mini USB for programming, CANbus, RS485, RS232 (expandable)
  • Protokoli: MQTT Client, MODUS TCP, EtherNet IP, CANopen, CANlayer2, UniCAN, SNMP, BACnet, KNX and M-Bus via gateway, Message Composer for 3rd party protocols
  • Sending e-mails, SMS, GPRS / GSM
  • Remote access via VNC, SQL Client, Web Server, FTP server & client
  • Hardware settings: Drag & drop elements – no addressing
  • HMI
    – Drag & drop interface, multi-layer elements, animations
    – Free image library
    – Instant change of HMI languages
  • Web page editor
    – same look as HMI editor
    – no knowledge of HTML required
  • Ladder
    – Create personal function blocks (UDFBs)
    – easy addressing
PLC UniStream with virtual HMI
PLC UniStream with virtual HMI

Want to save time on development?

Do you still need a screen? Select PLC UniStream 5

A 5” UniStream PLC controller with 5” HMI is also available for limited space applications. It is available with built-in I/O’s, which can also be extended to a DIN rail.

You can connect the same I/O modules to UniStream 5 as to the other members of the UniStream family series. You can read more about the UniStream 5 controller here!

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PLC UniStream with virtual HMI

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