GA500 Microdrive for any application

Compact in size and flexible in terms of motor type and connectivity, the GA500 microdrive from Yaskawa is designed to easily master nearly any of your applications. It comes with valuable functions and smart features to provide benefits through the whole life cycle of a machine or installation.

Make your life easier

From drive selection, through design, installation, start up or troubleshooting, the GA500 microdrive from Yaskawa makes your life easy. It combines affordability, performance, functionality, flexibility and simplicity, all in one package.

With an exceptional ratio between quality and price, it offers an excellent solution even for your applications with limited resources available.

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Features that will impress you

By integrating latest motor control technology for induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors, the GA500 drives provide best control performance at minimized energy consumption.

The robust design with coated PCBs allows GA500 drives operation in 50 °C without de-rating. Machine monitoring functions and an integrated life time prediction prevent sudden failures. Consequently, the drive effectively secures operation and prevents production loss.

By combining Network support, application focused features and great customizability with ease of use, the GA500 minimizes efforts to get your automation jobs done.

Integrated features like PLC functionality, EMC filters, braking choppers, 24 Vdc Power supply for external sensors or the Safe Torque Off circuit with SIL3/Ple eliminate external devices. By a lower number of parts and reduced space system design is simplified while cost efficiency and system reliability increase.

The GA500 supports all the major industrial communications and connection topologies to adapt to various factory automation networks. Tested and verified function blocks allow fast and hassle-free network implementation.

The DriveWizard® mobile and the Manuals App turn your smart phone or tablet into a versatile and indispensable toolbox for GA500 drives.

With the Yaskawa Manuals App latest manuals for GA500 drives are always handy on your phone. Never carry heavy paper manuals again.

DriveWorksEZ® offers an icon-based, drag-n-drop graphical environment to add programmable functions that can tailor the drive to meet various machine and application requirements without the cost of external controllers, such as PLCs or additional controller hardware options.

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Yaskawa GA500 microdrive

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