Safety module PROTECT SRB

The Schmersal PROTECT SRB-E safety module complements the Schmersal PROTECT SRB-E family of multifunction safety modules. There are now two additional modules (SRB-E-302FWS-TS and SRB-E-402FWS-TS) available to ensure the safety of the machines and to monitor the remaining dangerous movement.

Two new modules

The basic module SRB-E-302FWS-TS combines the functions of rotary tool stop monitoring and safety timer for safe machine stop. The advanced security module SRB-E-402FWS-TS includes an additional door opening control function and thus represents a unique module on the market with three security functions.

Security functions and properties:

  • protection level: up to PL, SIL3
  • safety category: up to 4
  • supply voltage: 24VDC

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Make sure it stops safely

Schmersal safety module PROTECT SRB

The module with the safe stop function of the rotating tool continuously measures the current speed of the machine tool from the connected sensors, and compares this with the set target value (limit frequency for safe stop). The safety modules detect when the cut-off frequency for safe stopping is reached and then activate the safety output.

To safely stop the rotating tool or. parts of the machine that have the same stop time (motor, gears, shaft), the SRB-E-FWS-TS module can also be used as a safety relay with a timer (delayed safety shutdown, safety function STO). When the module reaches the set time, the safety output is activated.

Meet the functions of the module

The SRB-E-402FWS-TS module also enables two-channel control of the safety switch with locking, and with or without detection of short-circuit connections. This module disables the opening of the security door in the event of dangerous movement, and ensures a safe shut-off with another security function, the door opening control function. Additionally, safety exits prevent the machine from restarting while the door is open.

The function of the safety module and the cut-off frequency or timer value are selected by means of two rotary switches under the cover. The LEDs on the module report the mode of operation as well as the type and location of the fault, which speeds up fault analysis and shortens machine downtime. The safety module can be set to a safe stop limit between 0.5 Hz and 10 Hz or a safe stop timer between 0.5 s and 3000 s.

Schmersal safety module PROTECT SRB

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Schmersal safety module PROTECT SRB

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