Solenoid interlock AZM150

The solenoid interlock AZM150 from Schmersal is a new electromechanical series of safety switches. It is characterised by its slimline design, its 1500 Newton interlocking force and an optional high coding level. It’s rotating actuator head makes the interlock really flexible to use on the large and small sliding and revolving doors.

Solenoid interlock AZM150, slim and elegant

The solenoid interlock from  Schmersal is characterised by an elegant, slim housing, adapted for installation onto 40 mm groove profiles using a mounting plate, which also allows you to use it on small machines. Thanks to the easy rotation of its actuator head by 4 x 90 °, a range of installation positions and approach options is available.

This makes the interlock really flexible to use. You can use it for both revolving and sliding doors. What’s more, an movable actuator makes it suitable for the revolving doors with a very small closing radius. Take advantage of the optional version with a “high” coding level in accordance with ISO 14119.

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Solenoid interlock AZM150 Schmersal

The AZM150 solenoid interlock is an electromechanical design which can be combined with high safety standards. The benefit for users: In accordance with ISO 14119, a higher coding requires fewer measures to prevent the bypassing of locking mechanisms, such as fitting out of range or in a concealed position.

Schmersal is the only manufacturer which can offer electromechanical safety switches and solenoid interlocks with high coding levels.

Solenoid Interlock AZM150 and its main characteristics

Take advantage of the solenoid interlock and raise the safety of your industrial applications.

  • Slim, elegant housing (W x H x D: 40 x 204 x 48 mm),
  • Eeasy rotation of the actuator head by 4 x 90 °,
  • The possibility of entering the actuator from above or from the side,
  • Simple installation onto 40 mm groove profiles using mounting plate,
  • A straight, an angled and a movable actuator,
  • One interlock for both sliding and revolving doors.
  • Interlocking force Fzh = 1500 N,
  • Holding force of unlocked door 50 N,
  • 4 electromechanical contacts in 4 combinations,
  • Manual unlocking with a triangular key,
  • Optional fitting with an emergency exit release or emergency unlock.
  • Optional high coding level in accordance with ISO 14119,
  • Suitable for applications with required security protection of up to Cat. 3 / PL d,
  • IP65 / IP67 degree of protection against dust and water.
Solenoid interlock AZM150 Schmersal

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Solenoid interlock AZM150 Schmersal

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