Safety Controller PROTECT PSC1 for flexible use

The PROTECT PSC1 from Schmersal is compact programmable safety controller with a modular structure, offering exceptional flexibility in its applications. The PSC1 enables the creation of customized safety solutions, whether for individual machines or highly complex installations, making it a valuable tool for implementing Industry 4.0 concepts.

Harness the power of the safety controller for industry 4.0

The PROTECT PSC1 Schmersal, a programmable and modular safety controller, consists of a reliable, compact safety controller that can be programmed according to specific requirements. Complementing this, there are dependable I/O extension modules. The control system is equipped with a universal communications interface, enabling data exchange across diverse fieldbus systems with higher-level controllers.

Representing a significant advancement in control technology, the PSC1 distinguishes itself with its unique features. It not only empowers the creation of tailor-made applications but also facilitates their seamless integration into more comprehensive control frameworks.

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Implement different fieldbus protocols effortlessly

Schmersal Programmable Safety Controller with universal communication interface

The PROTECT PSC1 excels in the signal processing of emergency stop switches, guard door switches, light grids and additional mechanical and electronic safety switchgear. Modular compact safety controller PSC1-C-10 is expandable with up to 2 extension modules, supporting up to 64 freely programmable inputs/outputs. The PSC1-C-100, however, is expandable with up to 8 extension modules, supporting up to 272 freely programmable I/Os.

The integration with a universal communication interface streamlines the process of selecting and incorporating all the standard fieldbus protocols through software. By employing this safety controller, a single hardware component suffices to establish a connection with numerous prevalent fieldbus systems, providing a notable cost-effective advantage.

Safety controller enabling Safe Drive Monitoring

The PROTECT PSC1 provides a range of functions that facilitate the Safe Drive Monitoring (SDM) for up to 12 axes. It supports numerous safety features, including:

  • safe shut-down,
  • safe stopping,
  • safe movement,
  • safe monitoring,
  • safe positioning.

Drive monitoring is tailored to application needs and can utilize either one or two encoder systems.

Schmersal PROTECT PSC1 with Safe Drive Monitoring

Empower networked safety sub-systems for complex installations

Schmersal PROTECT PSC1-C-100 modular and with SDDC

The modular design of the Schmersal PROTECT PSC1 holds special significance, particularly in the context of Industry 4.0 ideologies. One of the primary objectives of this control system is to enable cost-effective production of customized products, even down to individual units. Achieving this often requires modularly assembled systems, distributing control functions across smaller, decentralized units that are mutually interconnected. The PSC1 provides the capability to configure personalized protection systems through software.

Furthermore, secure communication between different PSC1 controllers is facilitated via Ethernet SDDC (Safe Device to Device Communication). This streamlines the setup of intricate, multi-component installations featuring interconnected safety subsystems.

Enhance efficiency with the safety controller

Incorporating the optionally integrated SD bus gateway of the PROTECT PSC1 enables the transmission of supplementary non-secure diagnostic signals from connected sensors via a standard bus system to an automation control system. This capability extends to the evaluation of critical signals aimed at pre-empting downtimes and bolstering overall plant availability, resulting in a notable enhancement in operational efficiency.

With the PSC1, you can seamlessly integrate critical data streams into company’s control and monitoring processes, empowering proactive maintenance practices and optimizing production processes.

Schmersal PROTECT PSC1 integrated SD bus gateway

Take advantage of a practical planning tool

Schmersal PROTECT PSC1 configurator

The Schmersal PSC1 configurator offers an accessible online solution that operates around the clock. This tool empowers machine tool builders and operators to efficiently configure a secure control system tailored to their specific requirements.

Intuitive and user-friendly, the PSC1 Configurator serves as a valuable planning tool, enabling designers to swiftly create customized configurations in a matter of minutes. You can access the web version of the PSC1 Configurator here: PSC1 configurator.

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Schmersal PROTECT PSC1 programmable safety controler

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