Confocal sensor systems ideal for industrial series applications

Micro-Epsilon introduced the next generation confocal sensor systems – confocalDT IFD2411 controller and IFD2410/2415 chromatic sensors. They boast high precision distance and thickness measurements in industrial series applications while offering a space-saving integration due to their extremely compact design. You can use them also for measurements of transparent materials.

Unrivalled precision in distance and thickness measurement

Micro-Epsilon offers a wide range of confocal sensor systems suitable for various industries’ measurement needs. As these chromatic sensors also utilize an axial beam path, measurements can be performed accurately even in sleeves and recesses. The sensors are passive, do not radiate heat onto the measuring object and, depending on their design, can be used on any surface, even in difficult environments, e.g., in a vacuum.

The new confocalDT IFD2410/2415 and IFD2411 series are the next-generation confocal sensor systems. These systems are specifically designed for high-precision distance and thickness measurements, offering resolution from 8 nm, linearity from 0.25 µm and measurements at high measuring rates. With their compact design, they can be easily integrated into a wide range of industrial applications, saving valuable space.

Confocal Sensor Systems Micro-Epsilon

Use confocal sensor systems for transparent materials

Micro-Epsilon’s confocal sensor systems employ the principle of chromatic aberration to measure small distances and thicknesses accurately (watch the video explaining the measurement principle). By projecting a spot onto the target, these sensors can capture fine structures.

You can take advantage of these sensor systems in various industries, such as semiconductor, glass, medical engineering, plastics production, e-motor, etc., where they enable precise distance and thickness measurements on any surface including highly polished and even transparent materials.

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Confocal Controller for maximum application flexibility

The confocalDT IFD2411 measuring system combines compact design and highest performance with integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT). Integration of the full sensor performance directly into the PLC opens numerous possible applications, including in .

The controller is factory-calibrated to sensors with measuring ranges, 1, 2, 3 or 6 mm. It can be easily integrated into the control cabinet via integrated DIN rail mounting. With a measuring rate of up to 8 kHz, a linearity from 0.5 μm and a resolution from 12 nm, the IFD2411 offers maximum application versatility for distance and thickness measurements.

confocalDT IFD2411 controller Micro-Epsilon

Your benefits at-a-glance

confocalDT IFD2411 controller with EtherCAT
  • Most compact controller for precise distance and thickness measurements on the market; the robust IP40 aluminum housing is up to 300% smaller than of comparable controllers for unsurpassed lightness of only 335 g
  • Ideal for integration into control cabinets
  • High resolution and measuring rate
  • Intuitive operation via integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT); benefit from real-time data without time delay and from reduced installation efforts
  • Optimized for industrial series (OEM) applications

Confocal sensor systems with simplified installation

The confocalDT IFD2410 and IFD2415 sensor systems boast an integrated controller. The space-saving all-in-one IP65-housing significantly simplifies installation as no optical fiber is required. Direct integration into the PLC is possible via the integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT).

Several measuring ranges and accuracy classes open up a wide range of industrial measurement tasks, e.g., for series use in coordinate measuring machines, for inline thickness monitoring of flat glass and for testing electronic components.

With transparent materials, multilayer measurements of up to 5 layers can be performed. With measuring rates up to 25 kHz, even dynamic measurements can be performed reliably.

IFD2410/2415 confocal chromatic sensors

Check out your benefits

IFD2410/2415 confocal chromatic sensors with EtherCAT
  • Distance measurement, thickness measurement and multilayer measurement of (semi)transparent materials with all-in-one sensor system
  • High resolution and measuring rate
  • Easy integration as no optical fiber is required
  • Intuitive operation integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT)
  • Optimized for industrial use

Characteristics of the confocal sensor systems

  • Measuring ranges (mm): 1 | 3 | 6 | 10
  • Adjustable measuring rate up to 25 kHz
  • Resolution from 8 nm
  • Linearity from 0.25 µm
  • For precise distance and thickness measurements up to 5 layers
  • All-in-one: sensor and controller in one compact housing
  • Robust IP65 aluminum housing
  • Direct PLC connection due to Industrial Ethernet
  • Ideal for industrial series applications
IFD2410/2415 confocal chromatic sensors robust and easy to install

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Confocal sensor systems Micro-Epsilon

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