Wheel system for length and speed measurement

The wheel system from Turck – the freely combinable spring arm and measuring wheel, enables the measurement of length and speed with conventional encoders. Use this system for easy monitoring of the progress or speed of conveyor belts, taking advantage of its durability and space saving design.

Monitor conveyor belt with the wheel system

Turck has added spring arms and measuring wheels to its encoder accessories for different application scenarios with linear moving objects. With the wheel system consisting of freely combinable spring arm and measuring wheel you can measure lengths and speeds with conventional encoders – even for retrofits. It thus enables monitoring the progress or speed of conveyor belts easily.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the price sensitive/space saving spring arm, low maintenance/flexible spring arm and particularly robust spring arm providing high contact pressure.

Measuring wheel system Turck

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Your benefits

Measuring wheel system Turck
  • Minimum wear through to internal springs
  • Slip-free linear measurement on conveyor belts
  • Three spring arm variants, developed for incremental as well as absolute solid shaft encoders, enable space saving installation
  • The spring arms are combined with measuring wheels with circumferences 200-500 mm
  • Measuring wheels with different coatings ensure optimum contact on surfaces as metal, glass, textiles and wood.

All the features mentioned above enable you to put together the ideal system of encoder, spring arm and measuring wheel to suit your specific requirements and needs.

Ensure optimum contact pressure at all times

Different spring arms ensure optimum contact pressure at all times:

  • the space saving, small RA-SAB-5-20 and -24 spring arms are designed for measuring in small spaces with quietly running machines,
  • the easy-to-install and compact RA-SAB-15-36 spring arm offers an exceptionally wide pretension range and many combinable measuring wheels,
  • the large RA-SAB-30-36 spring arm enables optimal implementation of applications with more demanding contact pressure requirements.
Spring arm variants Turck

Benefit from the wheel system in various applications

Measuring wheel system application

Such measuring system will come in handy in a variety of application scenarios with linear moving objects, but especially in:

  • Logistics,
  • Machine building for print works, wood processing, packaging and textile industry and
  • Automotive industry.

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