HF read/write head with S2 system redundancy

Turck’s robust HF read/write head boasts extended temperature range, multiprotocol Ethernet, and S2 system redundancy. With its super fast startup time, the TNSLR-Q130-EN is ideal for your highly dynamic applications.

Elevate the intelligence of applications

Industrial RFID ensures your processes are running as efficiently and intelligently as possible. From incoming goods, through production, to the retailer: Turck’s RFID systems ensure the automatic identification and tracking of goods. Their high-quality and globally recognized read/write heads cover both HF and UHF RFID applications.

HF technology (13.56 MHz) is an important driver of digital production processes, relying on magnetic near-field communication. Turck developed a robust HF read/write head with an integrated multiprotocol Ethernet interface. With its unique features in terms of startup time, communication, and safety, the TNSLR-Q130-EN adds an efficient solution to Turck’s existing RFID portfolio.

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Your benefits

HF read/write head Turck
  • Cost- and time-efficient installation
  • Plug and work in existing network topologies
  • High degree of freedom for installation
  • Faster read/write procedure
  • Extended read/write range up to 17-18 cm

Check the key functions of HF read/write head

  • Combined read/write head and Ethernet interface in one device
  • Extended temperature range of -40°C to +70 °C
  • Multiprotocol support (Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Modbus TCP)
  • SU/Quick Connect and S2 system redundancy
  • Integrated web interface for user friendly handling

Super fast and reliable HF read/write head

Cold chain logistics - HF read/write head Turck

Thanks to its multiprotocol interface the device communicates automatically in Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP networks.

The rapid initialization time of Turck’s multiprotocol read/write head, clocking in at under 500 ms, positions it as an optimal solution for scenarios demanding swift responsiveness. This speed renders it particularly suitable for highly dynamic applications like tool changes, where precision and time efficiency are paramount.

Additionally, the device’s extended temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C adds value, making it suitable for cold chain logistics—an unparalleled feature in the market.

Twice as safe thanks to S2 redundancy

System redundancy relies on the concept of multiple connections to a device or controller to maintain the system in the event of a failure. Devices and controllers can utilize multiple physical Network Access Points (NAPs) to withstand hardware failures and sustain a continuous connection.

The S2 represents a straightforward redundant connection. This PROFINET device possesses a single NAP while supporting multiple Application Relationships (ARs).

The S2 system redundancy integrated into TNSLR-Q130-EN facilitates redundant communication between two controllers in a Profinet network, offering significant safety advantages.

PROFINET Redundancy S2

User-friendly installation and operation

HF read/write head

Turck’s HF read/write head, characterized by its compact size and extensive range, seamlessly integrates into various plant and machinery designs. The TNSLR RFID functionality and multiprotocol Ethernet interface, coupled with QuickConnect capability within a single device, significantly minimize installation and wiring efforts.

This offers users across diverse industries, e.g., automotive, material handling, logistics, an efficient and adaptable solution for their read and write needs. It caters to a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from series machine building, transport with handling, to production lines and material handling, extending further to fixed and autonomous mobile robotics (AMR).

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