Zebra Aurora Vision Studio for Machine Vision Engineers

Zebra Technologies has enhanced its efficient and flexible software for machine, robot and computer vision engineers with significant innovations and improvements. The introduction of Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.4 makes the creation, integration, and monitoring of typical machine vision applications even easier! You can develop large-scale projects tailored to your requirements without any prior programming skills.

About the most powerful graphical software

Experience the power of Zebra Aurora Vision Studio, an innovative software developed by Zebra Technologies. This industry-leading, efficient, data-flow-based solution comes equipped with a robust set of image analysis tools, catering to the demands of the most sophisticated vision systems.

It is distinguished by:

  • Accelerated Vision System Creation
  • Unmatched Graphical Development
  • Comprehensive Industrial Image Analysis
  • Innovative Solutions for Emerging Challenges
Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.3

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The Novelties in Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.4

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5.4 is an upgraded software suite from Zebra Technologies. In comparison to version 5.3, it boasts exciting new features:

Aurora Vision deep learning tool-chain has been switched to a brand new training engine (re-implemented from scratch). The interfaces look as before, but under the hood there is wholly new thing.

  •     It is now based on a client-server architecture; it may be run both locally and the cloud (coming later).
  •     It has improved memory management and batch size moderation, fixing some “out of memory” errors on nVidia GPUs.
  •     It supports new, better mechanisms for training data balancing, leading to better training results, especially on low quality datasets.
  •     It supports nVidia RTX 40-series GPU devices.
  •     Training is faster.
  •     Training is more repeatable (same results each time we re-train from scratch).
  •     New Python-based training API (coming soon).
  •     Password locked API access.

A new Web-based HMI is available, now based on XAML UI description language.

  • WebHMI can be used to display program results and set parameters through a user-designed web site. There are several basic web controls that can be arranged freely both with our new designer and with an XAML-like syntax. Any input control change can be handled through Event Handlers, similar to the way it is done in the classic Aurora Vision Studio HMI system.
  • WebHMI can be used on both Windows and Linux platform.
  • Added filters for communication with Microsoft SQL databases and SQL Lite
  • Added new filters variants for Http_SendRequest: GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE
  • Added filters for handling JSON files

All HTTP and FTP filters now support secure SSL connections.

Explore the most important improvements

The DL_ReadCharacters tool has been re-trained with a series of little but important improvements:

  • Now including two more special characters (<, >)
  • Significantly reduced false negative errors (no detections) on narrow characters (I/J/i/l/1) and on confusing characters (e.g. O letter vs zero)
  • Data Matrix code reader has been significantly optimized for very high-speed applications
  • Data Matrix code reader has been improved for handling deformed codes and with noise in the code’s Quiet Zone

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