Basler boost set for lower integration costs

It is high time to elevate your application into new galaxies of performance. In the Basler boost camera series, benefit from combination of the CMOS sensor performance with high resolution and frame rate and all the other advantages of the CoaXPress 2.0 standard – all at unbeatable overall system cost.

Benefit from unmached price/performance ratio

The Basler boost set of CXP-12 camera series and specially developed CXP-12 interface cards noticeably reduces your integration costs with an extremely favorable price/performance ratio. It simplifies the process of purchase as you will get perfectly matched components in an attractive complete package from a single source.

Moreover, Basler’s pylon Camera Software Suite addresses the camera as well as the interface card, making it even easier to integrate the application.

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Boost your performance

Basler boost set

The Boost camera series from Basler is a great choice for applications that require:

  • fast capturing of high resolution images,
  • and fast transmission of large amounts of data over long distances.

Thus, the Boost camera series is an ideal alternative to applications that have required a Camera Link or CoaXPress 1.1 (CPX-6) connection in the past.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Excelent image quality with 9 MP/12 MP Sony Pregius CMOS sensors
  • Impeccable image transmission via powerful CoaXPress 2.0 (CXP-12)
  • Easy installation with matching Basler CXP-12 Interface Card
  • 12.5 Gbps bandwidth over a single channel
  • Frame rate up to 93 fps (9 MP models) and 68 fps (12 MP models)
  • Standardized Micro-BNC connector (HD-BNC)
  • A unique set of Basler PGI features
  • GenTL compatibility
  • Available for C-mount and F-mount lenses
  • Sensors up to size 1.1
Basler boost set advantages

Fast and reliable protocol for demanding image processing

The new CoaXPress 2.0 (CXP-12) interface provides fast and reliable data transfer and simplifies the establishment of machine vision systems for demanding image processing applications.

Basler boost camera version 2.0 featuring the CoaXPress standard is especially suitable for combination with the latest generation of Sony Pregius 9 MP IMX255 and 12 MP IMX253 CMOS sensors, both the monochromatic and color.

With a single CoaXPress 2.0 coaxial cable with a bandwidth of up to 12.5 Gbps, a single camera is capable of image capturing at speeds of up to 93 fps. Additionally, the GenTL standard allows easy integration of the camera into your existing machine vision system.

Advantages of the CoaXPress 2.0

  • One of the fastest interfaces on the market with a bandwidth up to 12.5 Gbps per channel
  • Generous cable length up to 40 m with simultaneous data transfer and power supply
  • Accurate synchronization even in multi-camera systems with very low latency periods
  • Noticeably cost benefits compared to Camera Link and CoaXPress 1.1.1
  • Latest CMOS sensor technology that provides the full sensor potential in both resolution and speed

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Basler boost set

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