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Motor drives control the speed and torque of motors under their direction by varying the supplied voltage magnitude and frequency. They are the backbone of modern industry.

Motor drives enable you to enhance process control, reduce energy usage, generate energy efficiently or optimize the operation of your applications relying on electric motors.

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In our Motor drives’ portfolio you will find a wide range of products for control and positioning of your electrical machines for which quality and energy efficiency are guaranteed by the world’s most-established manufacturers. From the area of Motion Control, you can choose standard or customized motor Drives and Motors that meet your exact requirements.

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Inverter Drives deliver optimal solutions for all inverter applications, providing great efficiency and intelligence, allowing for your improvements in process time and reduction in energy costs.

Servo Drives can meet most of your demanding industrial applications for position, speed and torque control tasks. They are available for you either in digital format or analogue format and supplied in stand-alone, PCB mounted or panel mount with a selection of bus protocols. They can be also supplied with control inputs for analogue or step and direction inputs.

Rotary and Linear Servo Motors allow you precise control of angular position. Our servo motors are designed for even the most challenging environments. Their productivity features enable you more precise control and shorter settling times.

Stepper Motor Drives accept pulses and direction signals from a controller such as PLC or PC to stepper motor motion.

Stepper Motors enable accurate positioning with ease. You can use them in various types of equipment for accurate rotation angle and speed control using pulse signals. They are ideal for quick acceleration and response, and they also also hold their position at stop, due to their mechanical design.

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Permanent Magnet Motors with overwhelmingly high efficiency that makes machine downsizing and saving energy possible. They will meet all your needs in a wide range of application as you will help protect our planet by reducing CO2 emissions.

Direct Drive Motors eliminate backlash, reduce the number of mechanical components, and provide a stiff mechanical system for your highly dynamic applications.

Motion Controllers allow you cost-effective configuration of motion control for automation system of any size. They can be easily adapted for stand-alone use on a single axis, for networking with other control devices or for complete control of a multi-axis machine.

Actuators and Servoactuators induce or control motion in mechanical systems to increase process efficiency and complexity.

A wide range of non-wearing brake and load Resistors will enable you to limit the flow of electric current in a wide variety of sectors: in port crane control applications, on ships and in harbors, for conveyors and drive control, in power distribution, in plant construction and more.

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