is the world leading manufacturer of motion control, robotics and power conversion solutions.

Their products are perfected through Yaskawa‘s constant search for the perfect mechanism to control mechanical movements. Thanks to their drive, countless engineers worldwide can make improvements to the quality and efficiency of manufacturing lines.

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Yaskawa covers Best in Class Products and System Solutions in the fields of variable AC drives, servo drives, control technology and robotics.

  • Motion control

  • MOTOMAN robots

  • AC drives

  • PLC control systems

  • Human Machine Interfaces – HMIs

  • Profichip embedded solutions

  • Environmental energy solutions

  • Turnkey engineering solutions

  • Software

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Leading the way for more then a century

Since being founded in 1915, Yaskawa Electric has set electric motors and their applications as its business domain and supported the leading-edge industries of the age.  In order to engage in business with its own technology, the company become technology-centered.

They proposed the concept of mechatronics, ahead of the rest, and has maintained quality-first management with the determination to develop the world’s first-in-class and revolutionary technologies and products. Yaskawa’s core technologies are motion control, robotics and power conversion.

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