Unlock efficiency and reliability of your lift application

The Yaskawa LA500 inverter drive embodies over a century of motor-driving expertise in lift applications. Its compact size and versatile motor compatibility and connectivity make it ideal for effortless and sustainable handling of lift applications using three-phase motors.

Revolutionizing Industrial Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, education and adaptability are key. Elevate industrial efficiency with Yaskawa LA500 inverter drive for lift applications using three-phase motor. Versatile inverter drive empowers engineers across a wide range of industries to enhance their operations and sustainability efforts.

Advanced technology simplifies integration, offers a range of powerful features, and enhances overall sustainability. Professionals in diverse industries can now optimize their processes, reduce energy consumption, and embrace innovation for a more efficient future.

Yaskawa LA700 inverter drive

A solution for diverse lift applications

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Yaskawa LA500 inverter drive seamlessly adapts to various settings, making it an ideal choice for lift applications. Wherever a three-phase motor is in use, our solution can enhance its operation and efficiency. It’s effectiveness and compact design is suitable for lift applications.

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Empowering product features

The heart of this inverter drive lies in its innovative features, meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern industry. These key features set our solution apart:

Reduce the number of components in the control panel, which does not only reduce the space required but also increases system reliability.

With a flexible interface, the installation process is efficient, minimizing downtime and costs.

Enjoy precise motor control, high starting torque, and integrated brake control logic for a smoother, more accurate operation.

Designed for a decade of maintenance-free operation, our system can endure high temperatures and predict service lifetime, preventing unexpected failures.

Temperature-controlled fans, tactile keypad, common menus, and USB connectivity streamline operation and maintenance.

The optional LCD keypad, supporting multiple languages, data logging, Bluetooth connectivity, and more, adds extra versatility.

LA500 Optional LCD Keypad

Environmentally mindful

LA500 24V PowerSupply

Yaskawa LA500 inverter drive isn’t just about performance – it’s about sustainability too. By offering temperature-controlled fans and low standby power consumption, it reduces energy consumption, improving overall efficiency of your lift. This means you’re not only optimizing your process but also aligning with green practices to achieve higher efficiency ratings.

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