Fully integrated servo drive system from Moog Animatics

SmartMotor from Moog is a highly programmable and fully integrated servo drive system with great power density and a simplicity of design. The servo drive system incorporates a motor, drive, driver, PLC and an encoder in one compact package and can be used in various machine control applications.

Control an entire machine with a compact All-In-One servo drive system

With its unique ability to control the entire machine the SmartMotor™ is by far the most powerful integrated servo drive system in the industry. With the SmartMotor™ you don’t get just a drive (motor); you get a complete motion control system which is the direct result of innovative design philosophy.

The SmartMotor prides itself with unmatched programming ease, Ethernet network connectivity, high power density servo performance and extremely flexible and expandable I/O. It makes this servo drive system from Moog Animatics a renowned pioneer and recognized global leader of truly integrated motion control.

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Proven High Quality SmartMotors™

The simplicity and ease of use results in overall reduced machine development time (shorter time-to-market). This means the total machine costs go down, field reliability is improved, machine design and build time is simplified while at the same time heavy procurement and support activities are eliminated.

  • Fully integrated, compact servo drive system
  • High noise immunity
  • Industry leading power density
  • High tuning bandwidth
  • Enhanced controls with ability to handle complex applications
Servo motor - servo drive
Servo motor - servo drive
  • Automated Guided Vehiles (AGVs)
  • Factory automation
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Pan and tilt applications
  • Semiconductor wafer handling
  • Test and measurement

Wide range of NEMA frame sizes

  • Absolute multi-turn battery-less encoder with 22-bit multi-turn and 17-bit single-turn resolution
  • Wider ambient operating temperature range (-20° to 100° C)
  • Industry standard 24 VDC I/O
  • Separate 24 V Supply for Logic backup
  • Communications via RS-232 and CAN over the 7W2 power connector enabling single cable control
  • NEMA 17, 23 and 34 frame sizes
  • Easy connection to diagnostics over USB
Servo motor - servo drive MOOG SmartMotor Options table

Available options for all models

  • Brake – Inline
  • CANopen – standard
  • MODBUS RTU – standard
  • MODBUS TCP – standard with EtherNet/IP™

Connect With All Ethernet Protocols

Industrial Ethernet – Fieldbus Protocols:

  • EtherNet/IP™
  • EtherCAT

Additional options: Brake – Inline

  • DMX Protocol
  • Dual Power (ability to power controller and drive separately)
  • CANopen per CIA4.02
  • Combitronic communications over CANopen or EtherNet/IP
  • CAN over D-Sub 7W2 (CD57)

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