RTA Industrial Stepper Motors RH Series

Do you have an industrial application and you need a solution for scrolling, rotating, positioning or something else related to movement? Do you want a robust and easy stepper motor? We have the optimal solution for you. The industrial stepper motors RH series from R.T.A. srl  are the right choice for the industrial environment!

Industrial stepper motors RH Series have many advantages

  • Low vibration for more even operation of the device
  • Space saving: the RH stepper motor is smaller than the standard motors with the same holding torque
  • Robust housing for reliable operation
  • Low phase current (only 1 A) for stepper motors of all dimensions
  • Low heating to avoid overheating
  • Dust resistance: IP40 protection ensures that the engine operates even in harsh environments
Industrial stepper motors RH series

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Different models for multiple application

Industrial stepper motors RH series models

Industrial stepper motors are available with:

  • Flange size: standard 42 mm (NEMA 17)
  • Holding torque: 29-80 Ncm for the optimal application
  • Stepper motor length: 4 different lengths 33-59.5 mm for the right dynamics of your system

All RH series motors have a M12 and JST built-in connectors to facilitate their connection to the motor driver.

Control stepper motors with A-CSD and A-NDC series drivers

To achieve the required rotation of your stepper motor, you can use the A-CSD or A-NDC series motor drivers. With them, you will turn your stepper motor on/off  by triggering its pulses and direction signal.

Key advantages of these drivers are:

  • Microstepping for quiet operation of your device with low vibrations
  • The A-NDC driver provides you with up to 12,800 steps/rpm, which in addition to quiet operation, also provides high reliability
  • Metal housing of compact dimensions (also available in open frame version)
  • Operation at 24-85 V DC
  • Wide current range: 0.6-6 A, for various applications
  • Reduction of current when the motor is stopped, for lower heating
  • Galvanically isolated inputs to obtain resistance to EM interference
Industrial stepper motors RH series CSD and NDC drivers

Industrial stepper motors RH series with encoder

Industrial stepper motors RH with encoder

All industrial stepper motors RH series are also available with an embedded encoder in a terminal box.

Incremental encoders have a resolution of 400 cpr or 4000 cpr and can feature index signal or not.

Encoder provides the feedback that allows you to control the actual position of your stepper motor.

These motors also have a M12 and JST connectors for easy connection.

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