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Connectors are coupling devices that join electrical terminations to create an electrical circuit. By enabling efficient contact between wires, cables, electronic components and circuit boards they help you provide reliable transmission of data, power and signal across many industries.

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With increasing demand from the industry, a variety of connectors is produced for automation and seamless data communication. Depending on their final application, they have different configurations, always basing their design on national and international regulations. The high-quality electrical connectors offer robust solutions for improving connectivity in mission-critical electrical energy- and signal transmission.

To suit your unique application requirements, our offering includes a vast selection of top-quality connectors from the leading manufacturers:

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In industrial environments, connectors often have to offer robust solutions for improving connectivity in critical technology systems. They must enable the transmission of signal, power, and data in the harshest conditions, e.g., high temperatures, chemicals, physical handling, humidity, oil, etc. It is therefore of utmost importance that they are able to endure such situations. Effective protection against EMI and RFI is also recommended for industrial connectors, depending on their use.

When selecting a suitable connector, you generally choose from a wide range of materials, insulation, housing geometries, configuration, pinout, method of connection, size, and other options. It is usually desirable for a connector to be easy to identify visually, rapid to assemble, inexpensive, and require only simple tooling.

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Check cable classification by use

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The great variety of connector types can be classified in a correspondingly large number of ways. They can be categorized into groups by e.g., gender, type of contact, pitch, mount (e.g., mount in use, angle of attachment), and much more.

Vast connector selection corresponds perfectly to the large number of possibilities of their use across different industries. The main types of connectors by their use are:

With the Industrial-Ethernet-components a comprehensive system wiring for various Ethernet applications is provided. Due to a broad range of overmolded and field-wireable connectors and receptacles you can build up a reliable and future-proof system. The products are designed according to HF-aspects through which the specified data-transmission-properties can be 100% guaranteed.

The connectors used in fieldbus technology have to meet bus-specific requirements. A product line which meets the requirements of the PROFIBUS/PROFINET user organization (PNO), i.e., 5-pins/B-coded connectors, receptacles, T-splitter and Y-splitter with 360°-shielding, is available to you.

A reliable power transmission via the compact and standardized M12-interface according to IEC 61076-2-11 is provided. Due to their compact housing design, connectors with S-coding (630 V, 12 A), T-coding (63 V, 12 A), L-coding (63 V, 16 A, 4-FE, PNO-compliant), and K-coding (630 V, 12 A, 4+PE) are especially adapted for the power supply in the automation field. They are dust- and waterproof according to IP65, IP67 and IP68 and designed to meet UL2237 requirements.

The connection cross-section up to 2.5 mm² is a unique feature that nevertheless enables a large extension of power distribution and – especially in case of DC-distribution – a slight voltage drop.

Our sensor/actuator connectors meet the typical requirements of automation industry, i.e., they are:

  • halogen-,
  • PVC-,
  • and silicone-free,
  • drag-chain adapted,
  • weld-field immune,
  • chemicals-,
  • oil-,
  • microbes-,
  • and hydrolysis resistant.

Furthermore, they meet the protection standards of IP67 and they are UL-approved. A comprehensive portfolio with: LED-versions, threaded grip for protective tubing, and 360°-shielding is available.

In the food industry, much higher requirements are set for machines and installations than in classical mechanics. Special connectors offering high protection against cleaning agents and meeting strict hygiene requirements are provided.

Our Food & Beverage connectors in ‘Hygienic Design’ refer to EHEDG directives. FDA-compliant materials guarantee a high resistance to sour and alkaline cleaning- and disinfectant agents. All M8- and M12-components are dust- and waterproof, as well as protected against water with high pressure and steam-jet cleaning (IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69K).

The overmoulded and field-wireable M23 connectors are perfectly adapted to the M12-passive junctions. You can choose between 12 and 19 pin versions with different configurations. The M23 connectors are universally usable in different applications.

Valve-connectors stand for minimum installation space and excellent LED visibility in all installation positions at the same time. They are available in typical housing styles and protection circuits. A comprehensive product program with single-ended and double-ended cordsets as well as adapters and double-valve connectors offers a suitable solution for any application.

Due to high-temperature proof materials, these M8- and M12-connectors guarantee a reliable operating-mode even in extraordinary high-temperature applications. Permanent operating temperatures of -20 °C up to +150 °C and a short-term maximum operating temperature of +200 °C do not state a problem to this product line.

Use connectors in different industries

You can use connectorsacross wide range of industries, e.g.:

  • Automotive,
  • Food & Beverage,
  • Renewables,
  • Robotics,
  • Transportation,
  • Power Distribution,
  • Mobile Automation
  • and much more.
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