is a leader in secure and stable industrial networking solutions.

Hirschmann offers you a complete, integrated structure for data communication throughput that truly protects your investment.

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Provide data communication for your applications

Hirschmann extensive portfolio manages virtually every communication connection requirement of your networking infrastructure.

  • Industrial Ethernet

  • Industrial Connectors

  • Fiber Optic Fieldbus Repeaters/Modems

  • Mobile Machine Control Solutions

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Transmit fast and reliably with Hirschmann

Hirschmann develops innovative networking solutions, which are geared towards your requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and investment reliability. To help you support your business goals, it offers complete, secure and integrated data communications that protect your investment.

You can utilize their data communications at all times and in a multitude of different sectors; from automotive, oil & gas, food & beverage, to wastewater, and more.

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Key advantages of products from Hirschmann

More about Hirschmann

The Hirschmann brand has environmental protection at its heart. They undertake concrete measures to improve their environmental performance with four core Green Initiatives:

  • Product Strategy – all the latest product families are designed to be green
  • R&D – they create specifications that exactly meet customer needs
  • Lean Initiatives – production focuses on reducing material and energy
  • GreenChoice™ Products – greener and more sustainable solutions

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