Industrial firewall Hirschmann

The EAGLE industrial firewall from Hirschmann is an advanced solution for protecting the entire industrial network. The EAGLE20 and EAGLE30 industrial firewalls boast a wide range of configuration options and provide you easy management and the highest level of network security.

Achieve high network protection

The Hirscmann EAGLE20 and EAGLE30 industrial firewalls are supporting up to 8 entrances. The devices have convection cooled metal DIN-Rail housings. They provide Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and SHDSL (Symmetrical High-speed Digital Subscriber Line).

The manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to the new Hirschmann Security Operating System – HiSecOS 3.0, which allows custom configuration and provides an easy and detailed insight into network traffic. At the same time, it ensures optimal network performance, which means you will not need multiple routers.

It also boasts advanced security features such as DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and FLM (Firewall Learning Mode), which provide the highest level of network security and easy management.

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Inspect deep packets

DPI, also known as packet sniffing, is a method of examining the content of data packets as they pass by a checkpoint on the network. With normal types of stateful packet inspection, the device only checks the information in the packet’s header, like the destination Internet Protocol (IP) address, source IP address, and port number.

DPI examines a larger range of metadata and data connected with each packet the device interfaces with. In this DPI meaning, the inspection process includes examining both the header and the data the packet is carrying.

Protect your network

The FLM (Firewall Learning Mode) function simplifies device setup. In learning mode, it captures and summarizes the traffic currently traveling across the firewall.

The program then displays the source and destination addresses of the devices sending the packets. The user simply creates rules to accept or reject traffic from certain devices.

Hirschman EAGLE industrial firewall scheme

Meet the advantages of the firewall

  • Availability of multiple ports offers cost savings and flexibility,
  • DPI to ensure network packet integrity,
  • Easy firewall deployment and one-click rule setup,
  • Additional router redundancy protocols, including Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to reduce downtime,
  • Support for SHDSL interfaces – allows WAN connectivity using legacy telephone cables,
  • Enhanced security, including Ingress Protection and ACL-based counters and filters,
  • Simple intrusion detection,
  • Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) support for twisted-pair Gigabit cables,
  • Cellular LTE functionality.

Surpass industry standards

  • Substation: EN 61850-3, IEEE 1613
  • Safety: EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1, EN 61131-2 (Class 1 Equipment)
  • Traffic Controllers: NEMA TS 2
  • Railways: EN 50121-4
  • Radio equipment: CE, FCC
  • Hazardous locations: ISA-12.12.-01 Class 1 Div
Industrial firewall scheme

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Hirschman EAGLE industrial firewall

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