LED Industrial Luminaires from Sangel

LED Industrial Luminaires from Sangel meet high requirements: colour fidelity, protection classes, voltage, coverage – to name just a few points. They fit exactly into the structural conditions and reliably provide high-quality light for a long time. Get a clear vision at your workplace!

Choose the perfect solution for your needs

At Tipteh, we are aware of the importance of optimal lighting in the machine room, at the assembly station, as well as at your workplace. For that purpose, we have added quality products from the SANGEL Systemtechnik GmbH, the German specialist for LED industrial luminaires, to our portfolio.

Their LED industrial luminaires are based on sophisticated technology, thoughtful concepts and boast the highest quality standards.

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Assure long-lasting operation

Sangel LED industrial luminaires

SANGEL Systemtechnik is so confident of the quality of its LED lights that it guarantees a lifespan of 60,000 hours at an ambient temperature between -20 °C and +70 °C. In conventional 3 shift pattern, your machine or workplace will be thus illuminated for as long as 9.6 years.

Sangel uses an aluminum casing for their recessed luminaire offering as well as for their surface-mounted luminaires, which is not only durable, but also
offers great thermal management. With degrees of protection ranging from IP40 to IP69K, coupled with the use of chemically resistant materials and adhesives, these luminaires are protected against dust and even aggressive coolants.

Achieve full color reproduction

In the case of low color reproduction, colors could be mixed (eg., red with brown). With the constant development of LED lights, Sangel has managed to come close to perfect color reproduction, which allows you to distinguish between all color shades.

They combine white LEDs with RGB-chips, which they choose by their low binning tolerance, resulting in a minimal spread of light temperature and ensuring optimal light distribution. They guarantee each industrial LED luminaire from one series to have the same level of brightness.

Sangel LED industrial luminaires

Light up every application

Sangel LED industrial luminaires

Sangel LED luminaires feature up to 400% more energy efficiency than the ones from their competitors. Sangel Systemtechnik uses protective covers made from various materials. This will allow you to choose the optimal solution tailored to the needs of your work environment.

Their LED industrial luminaires come in an angle of 120 degree, but the angle can be reduced to 60 degrees or 30 degrees. Various mounting systems for luminaires are also available.

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Sangel LED industrial luminaires

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