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The latest version of the SECOMEA remote access software, in addition to the  advanced feature to discover your devices, now offers you a highest level of security for remote access. Their solution has exceeded the requirements of the latest security standard IEC62443-3-3  and  IEC62443-4-2, designed for secure implementation of industrial automation and control systems. SECOMEA has tackled the latest Internet security threats, with the aim of protecting you and your network from potential unauthorized intrusions.

Protect against security threats

New security updates from the SECOMEA software will provide you with a number of functionalities. It will be able to review the software code of open source systems and compare it with all known security threats and exposed areas (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures – CVE). SECOMEA will also review those threats that pose a purely hypothetical risk. Thus giving administrators and ordinary users many tools for complete security control.

SECOMEA software also makes it easy to activate or renew the HTTPS security certificate on the server. This process usually required the involvement of the IT department, but now this can be done with a single click. The implementation of the cryptographic protocol SSL and TLS will not require any special knowledge or additional costs.

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Store data on a cloud server

SECOMEA remote access, Secomea cloud

Secomea has received a number of requests to store data directly on a cloud server. Based on the feedback, they have developed the SiteManager Embedded functionality and eliminated the need for an additional server at the user’s or service provider’s location.

Due to the functionality of SiteManager Embedded, the cloud server now acts as EasyLog Master, which allows easy configuration of static connections, efficient control over data and data storage.

Put great features to work

SECOMEA has so far offered easy remote access to connected devices. The company’s developers have now added functionality to the LinkManager software to authenticate the user using SMS notifications. With this, they laid the foundation for the development of services via SMS notifications. The software is also fully compatible with the latest version of Windows 10.

The LinkManager Mobile software solution for your smart portable devices has also undergone a renovation. Until now, this required a virtual network (VNC) connection via a third-party application, but now this connection opens automatically in your smartphone’s browser. Another great feature is that your VNC connection to the remote device is going to be encrypted.

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