Secomea Data Collection Module

The Secomea Data Collection Module is an edge gateway solution. Use it to collect data directly from end-devices as PLC’s or other devices, connected to SiteManager, process it, optimize it, and store it in the IoT cloud. Benefit from seeing tendencies and perform preventive and predictive maintenance based on actual data instead of approximated or calculated data.

Collect data at the edge of the network

Secomea Data Collection Module (DCM) is an upgrade to the SiteManager module, which contains advanced technology for data collection at the network edge (Edge Data Collection Gateway).

With DCM you will be able to collect data from devices connected to SiteManager module. After processing the data, DCM will send the optimized data to the IoT cloud. Don’t worry about the loss of data in case of disconnection! DCM stores data localy and sends it to the cloud when the connection is re-established.

Data Collection Module, Secomea logo

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Secomea DCM

Data Collection Module, Secomea scheme
  •  Modbus TCP Client
  • OPC UA Client
  • Siemens S7
  • HTTP Generic
  • Averageing Min / Max values
  • Threshold settings (over / under threshold)
  • Advanced mathematical operations
  • Triggering by event, time, or sample point
  • Storing data in local memory
  • Expandable memory with microSD card
  • Data optimization and sending preparation
  • Rule based Cloud data sending
  • Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cumulocity (Software AG)
  • Certificate encryption
  • Security Audited against NIST SP800-115, OSSTMM, BSI
  • Grundschutz Catalogue, IEC 62443-3-3 & IEC62443-4-2

SECOMEA Data Collection Cloud – DCC

Data Collection Cloud (DCC) is a cloud solution which helps you collect, process, display and further use of data obtained from a remote machine in real time.


  • Current and potential data collection needs are taken into account
  • Data collection and remote access from a single device
  • Real-time data visualization and OEE calculation
  • Designed to anticipate predict future needs
  • Cloud storage of up to 3 million points on DCM
  • Certified security
Data Collection Cloud Secomea logo

You can use DCC for

  • Diagnostics
  • PLC programming
  • HMI and other smart devices
  • Preconfigured module for calculating OEE allows you to predict machine failures
  • Management and monitoring via cloud control panel access or decentralized SCADA Web interface

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Secomea DCC solution contains a pre-configured module for calculation of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This long-term data analysis will allow you to predict future operation of the machine. OEE is a standardized measure of production productivity and determines the percentage of utilization of production capacity.

In real life, OEE 100% means: 100% quality (good parts only), 100% performance (full speed operation, no slow cycles or short stops) and 100% availability (scheduled operation, no unplanned stops and repairs).

Overall Equipment Efficiency

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