Powerful and modern LED signal light

The R series from Auer Signal is not only the brightest LED signal light in its category. Despite its simple series concept, it also boasts an impressive, beautiful product design and functional diversity. Moreover, its audible base is your guarantee to hear the sound of brightness!

LED signal light, modular and resistant

The slogan of the Austrian company Auer Signal is “Louder and brighter since 1910”. Their signal light R series  complies with this slogan.

Modular LED beacon series includes a wide range of light lenses with a diameter of 95 mm and bases with a diameter of 110 mm. Its modular design enables you easy installation and easy removal of the lenses during transport to prevent damage.

The robust housing boasts an impact resistance IK08 and a degree of protection of IP66 against dust, ice, rain or heat. Therefore, it is suitable for applications in harshest environments.

Signal light R series Auer Signal

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Various designs for a wide range of use

Signal light R series mounting

You can choose between two lens designs, the high (124 mm) and the compact one (68 mm). The former is designed for maximum lateral signal effect. The lens of the compact version of the R series is milky-white and provides a beautiful, homogeneous lighting pattern indoors.

There is also a large range of different mounting options available, which further increases the flexibility of these signal lights. You can use metal or designer brackets, and perform a base or tube mounting.

Benefit from the high performance

The high energy efficiency of the LED technology allows an offer of the R series in just one size but in two performance levels. Already the brightness of the standard lights, with 6×6 LEDs, is higher than comparable beacons. The brightness of the high-performance lights, with 12×6 LEDs, provides you with an even more efficient application in direct sunlight.

In addition to performance, the signal light R series is also sorted according to functions:

This model is available in six colours (orange, red, blue, green, yellow and translucent) and two performance levels. It is the best choice for standard applications.

This model is an all-rounder that can display different light functions (steady, flashing, strobe, rotating and pulsating). Functions are adjustable with a four-pole terminal. Model is available in the six colors listed in a steady-light model.

In this model seven colours (red, yellow, green, blue, clear, turquoise and magenta) can be controlled externally.

Signal light R series powerful

Listen to the Sound of Brightness

Signal light R series audible

Auer Signal is also offering you the audible base that is compatible with both lens shapes. It is based on the transducer technology of the ASS-T multi-tone sounder, one of the most popular and effective sounders in our range.

You can choose between 32 tones and a volume of up to 95 dB.

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Signal light R series modern design

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