White Line – minimalist design from Auer Signal

The White Line from Auer Signal includes the all-in-white Stack Lights MT60 and CT5, as well as the compact LED Light Beacon RCMM from the Series R. The minimalist design of these signaling devices makes them ideal for sterile and white environments.

Choose simplicity

Auer Signal is globally recognized as one of the foremost manufacturers of signalling equipment for industrial purposes. Their portfolio encompasses Stack Lights and Light Beacons, offering a diverse range of highest-quality signaling devices.

As part of their continued expansion, they have introduced the White Line products. These products feature a minimalist design specifically crafted for optimal suitability and effectiveness in sterile and white environments. The White Line Stack Lights (i.e., Signal Towers) MT60 and CT5, along with the the White Line Light Beacon (i.e., Signal Light) RCMM, are all available, each featuring a white base and modules.

White Line Signal Lights Auer Signal

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White Line MT60 – focused to the core

White Line Light Tower MT60 Auer Signal

Auer Signal’s White Line MT60 is a monolithic signal tower featuring excellent circular light distribution to prevent blind spots. The transparent lens design prevents wrong signaling indication caused by external light interferences, while colored LEDs (red, yellow, and green) let the MT60 to disappear when it’s not activated.

Easy cleaning of the monolithic single lens with powerful water jets is possible (IP66). The MT60 is designed for cost efficiency and minimizing your Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) while meeting your aesthetic demands. Flexibility is provided through various mounting options: M12 Connector / Wall mount / Surface and tube mount / Foot mount.

White Line CT5 – more flexible

The regular CT5 is a cost-optimised modular 50 mm Ø signal tower for classic 24 V DC and IO-Link applications in industry. Up to 5 positions are possible with LED multifunction and LED continuous light modules in 6 colours. Optimised ‘resilient’ bayonet system enables high stability, even without sealing rings.

The White Line CT5 offers even more flexibility and a broader portfolio with its white bases and modules. The modular concept allows easy swapping of modules or bases of the existing black CT5 signal towers.

White Line Light Tower CT5 Auer Signal

White Line RCMM – more functional

White Line Light Beacon RCMM Auer Signal

The regular RCMM is a compact LED multi colour beacon with a multifunctional upgrade. The multifunction table is controllable via DIP-Switch (allowing steady light, flashing light, strobe light, and pulsating light). All 7 colours (red, yellow, green, blue, clear, magenta, turquoise) are externally controllable.

This compact Multicolor & Multifunction beacon is now available in all white. The lens of the White Line RCMM is milky-white, providing a beautiful, homogeneous lighting pattern. It is complemented by the white housing of the series, making the beacon disappear when not activated.

Perfect for indoor application

The MT60 signal tower comes preassembled – just plug and play. As it “disappears” when it’s not activated, it is especially suitable for: Pharmaceutical/Medical environments, Laboratories, Printers, Office-like manufacturing areas, Customer flow management systems, Food & beverage packaging, and much more.

If you are looking either for a minimalistic stack light or a minimalistic beacon for architectural, pharmaceutical, or chemical indoor use with an impressive, beautiful product design and functional diversity, the white version of the CT5 signal tower and the compact version of the R series, the RCMM, are the right choice.

White Line Signal Lights application

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