IIoT service platform for device management

The IIoT service platform, Turck Automation Suite (TAS), empowers users to access comprehensive information from Turck devices. TAS offers a holistic solution that includes updates, device management, and intelligent sensors. Additionally, it facilitates the execution of thorough feasibility studies for RFID systems.

Benefit from multitool for IIoT

TAS stands for Turck Automation Suite. This IIoT service platform allows you to access all information from Turck devices and to benefit from a comprehensive solution for updates, device management and smart sensors.

In TAS version V1, the management and commissioning of devices in Industrial Ethernet networks, as well as ARGEE and BEEP applications, have been streamlined. It also facilitates in-depth feasibility studies for RFID systems. Subsequent TAS versions will introduce extended IIoT functions, covering services like condition monitoring and edge control on PCs or local servers.

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IIoT service platform advantages at-a-glance

Turck IIoT service platform TAS - advantages

TAS enhances program security by requiring device actions to be authorized using a single session-specific password. This password is temporarily stored and can be applied to multiple devices with the same password, enhancing user convenience.

TAS IIoT solution is available for free download and can be used directly in any Windows PC web browser without the need for installation. The software can be effortlessly updated from within the program and supports both German and English languages.

TAS version V1 offers a glimpse into the extensive capabilities of Turck’s fully developed IIoT solution. The software platform will provide various digital services and undergo continuous expansion through updates. TAS will feature a connector function for Turck cloud, enabling it to serve as a virtual edge controller on a PC or local server. This simplifies production data evaluation for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, extending beyond plant boundaries.

To meet the demands of an IIoT platform, TAS will also support data transfer via MQTT and OPC UA to higher-level systems, automate service task configurations, and introduce numerous other features. TAS significantly enhances the connectivity of your production system, seamlessly integrating OT and IT data without barriers.

Streamline device configuration with Network View

The IIoT service platform empowers users to oversee all Turck devices within their production network. The Network scan feature locates all accessible Turck Ethernet devices across the network and promptly presents the relevant device details.

Through Network View, users can also assign IP addresses and passwords, along with executing firmware updates for all networked devices. Furthermore, TAS allows direct access to the device-specific web pages of each Ethernet device.

Turck IIoT service platform TAS - Network View

Commission faster with the IIoT service platform

TAS IIoT platform saves commisioning time

Several of the Network View functions can also be executed as batch operations, streamlining the process of updating and managing multiple devices simultaneously. The result is a significant time saving during the commissioning and maintenance of extensive networks, all without the need for a PLC or third-party software.

Furthermore, the option to export device networks in CSV format enhances the ease of documentation, collaboration, and network management.

Use an IO-Link View

This view offers a comprehensive look at IO-Link masters within the network and their connected IO-Link devices.


  • Retrieve device information,
  • Execute device actions such as winking, opening the master in TAS, launching the IODD, configurator, and accessing the device monitor,
  • Filtered view on selected IO-Link devices.
Turck IIoT service platform TAS - IO-Link View

Turn I/O module into Logic Controller

The ARGEE logic software transforms Turck’s Ethernet I/O modules into IP67 logic controllers, enabling direct field use as Field Logic Controllers – a unique feature in the current market.

The IIoT service platform facilitates the convenient batch loading of ARGEE programs onto a group of devices while providing centralized management capabilities.

Reduce the number of IP addresses

Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol (BEEP), Turck’s innovative protocol, significantly diminishes the number of IP addresses necessary within your industrial network. Through the IP address of a BEEP master, you can access up to 32 Turck IO-Link devices.

TAS serves as a central and user-friendly tool for configuring BEEP networks, as well as handling the import and export of BEEP configurations efficiently.

Run plug-and-play IIoT functions easily

The IODD Configuration Tool allows the parameterization of IO-Link devices from various manufacturers. It generates a graphical representation of IO-Link process data.

Like the IODD Configuration Tool, the Radar Sensor Monitor provides a graphical representation of Turck Radar sensor data. Users can easily customize filters, measuring windows, and other parameters to suit their specific application needs.

The Gate Detection Simulation app replicates bulk tag detection scenarios in gate applications. This app verifies if all tags have been detected with sufficient accuracy, saving significant time and effort compared to manual assessment.

Tag Tracer empowers users to identify the optimal start and stop times for optimal read and write processes in dynamic applications.

Tag Population analyzer assesses read and write performance at different tag positions on a static object. The UHF reader incrementally increases its power and indicates the minimum power required for reliable tag reading.

Use the HF for tagging

Also in the HF frequency band, various functions are available to users to help with system maintenance or RFID system design:

  • Scan UID of HF data carriers and create a list,
  • Read tag metadata: Type, memory size and supported features of a data carrier,
  • Read tag memory (hexadecimal, ASCII),
  • Write data to selected memory areas.
Turck IIoT service platform TAS - HF Tag

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