Turck Cloud Solutions for industry 4.0

 With Turck Cloud Solutions, a cloud solution is now available that is precisely tailored to industrial requirements. Benefit from the data security, data analysis and monitoring of production processes and easily enter into industry 4.0.

Enter into Industry 4.0 with Turck

The special requirements of industrial customers in automation technology are hardly covered by the widely availablecloud services for private and business users. However, a cloud solution that is precisely tailored to industrial requirements and can be hosted locally or externally is available for you with Turck Cloud Solutions.

Turck Cloud Solutions is safe! The encrypted communication maximizes data security and additional functions such as data analysis or monitoring of production processes directly provide real benefit for you as a user.

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Key Advantages of the Turck Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Turck

Turck Cloud Solutions provides pure user data on different channels. These can be analyzed independently of the automation task and form a “digital shadow”.

What’s the use?
■ Continuous data analysis
■ Creating a digital shadow
■ Traceability

Your added value!
■ Efficient plant/system monitoring
■ Fast error diagnosis
■ Identifying optimization fields

Turck Cloud Solutions generates additional data in sensors and fieldbus modules. These are preprocessed in the fieldbus modules using the “Field Logic Controller” (FLC) functionality and the web-based programming environment ARGEE.

What’s the use?
■ Wear and aging forecasts
■ Plagiarism protection and ordering of spare parts
■ Machine performance indicators
■ No additional load on the control system

Your added value!
■ Higher system availability
■ Fast remote diagnostics
■ Predictive maintenance

Turck Cloud Solutions and Turck products integrate not only in control architectures and network topologies, but also in cloud solutions from other manufacturers.

What’s the use?
■ Future-proof products
■ Security through standard protocols
■ Cloud connections possible at any time

Your added value!
■ Flexible integration of the machines at the end customer
■ Openness to standards
■ Long-term investment protection

Turck Cloud Solutions offers customized features for your specific automation applications and local on-premise solutions (Private Cloud).

What’s the use?
■ Scalable entry-level solution with full potential
■ Hardware, cloud and service/support from a single source
■ All data available worldwide
■ Can also be used with mobile devices

Your added value!
■ Easy entry into Industry 4.0
■ Fast diagnoses
■ Increased machine availability

Location options and cloud solutions’ customization

Hosted by Turck

Cloud Solutions hosted by Turck

The cloud hosted by Turck enables you to get started fast, saving you time and money. If you use the Turck Infrastructure “as a Service” (IaaS), your own data center, maintenance care and support become redundant.

Individually customized

Cloud Solutions customized

The Turck Cloud Portal can be tailored to your needs even when the cloud is hosted by Turck. You can adapt it to your own Corporate Design, for example, and pass it on to your customers.

Hosted at your location

Cloud Solutions Turck at your location

You can host your cloud locally in your own data center. You can have your data always under control on your own servers as no external communication is required.

Hosted on your machine

Cloud Solutions Turck on your machine

You can choose on-premise cloud servers – both in IP20 for installation in the control cabinet and in IP67 for installation in the field, directly on your machine. Take full advantage of an on-premises installation without having to provide your own data center.

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Cloud Solutions Turck

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