Magnetic position sensors with IO-Link for piston detection

Magnetic position sensors WIM-IOL from Turck enable precise detection of piston position in cylinders in the range from 32 mm up to 256 mm. Use these sensors to shorten commissioning time and reduce the cost of your applications.

Provide detection accuracy with magnetic position sensors

The WIM-IOL Series magnetic field sensors from Turck are compact field sensors with digital interface. They detect magnetic pistons in pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, covering measuring ranges from 32 mm up to 256 mm. These IP67 sensors operate with a 15-bit resolution.

The series consists of eight sensors with IO-Link 1.1. The integrated pushbutton and IO-Link enable quick and convenient teaching the measuring range of sensor to the stroke of the piston. This greatly simplifies mounting compared to analog sensors, which must be fitted either exactly to dead points or operate with correction factors in the controller.

Magnetic position sensors WIM-IOL from Turck

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Cost saving through short commissioning times
  • Variants to match different cylinder lengths
  • Adaptable for any application
  • Data supplier for Industry 4.0
  • Effortless and fast mounting; suitability for any common T-groove cylinder, direct mounting from above without the need for additional tools

Choose optimal repeatability, resolution and linearity

The magnetic linear position sensors use the Hall principle for measuring linear displacement. They provide an output signal proportional to the position of the piston in a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder. This signal is not affected by the magnetic polarity and can be used for the accomplishment of various control tasks.

These rugged sensors deliver optimal repeatability, resolution and linearity. They also offer a high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as well as a wide temperature range.

Magnetic position sensors WIM-IOL from Turck

Use WIM-IOL series in various applications

Magnetic position sensors applications

Typical applications of the WIM-IOL magnetic field sensors in Plastic Processing and Automotive industries include:

  • feed detection in injection molding machines,
  • feed detection in automatic screwing machines,
  • positioning of the welding head with ultrasonic welding,
  • monitoring the foil tension in packaging machines,
  • and much more.

Top magnetic field sensors from leading manufacturer

Turck offers a wide range of magnetic field sensors for all common pneumatic cylinders. Thanks to the reliable operating principle of their BIM sensors, these sensors provide an error-free detection of permanent magnets of various strengths that are attached to the piston. BIM sensors are used primarily for the contactless detection of the piston position in all pneumatic cylinders regardless of shape.

  • These rugged IP67 sensors operate wear-free and feature short-circuit protection.
  • The BIM-UNTK (housing length 19.7 mm) is one of the most compact magnetic field sensors on the market. It is especially useful in short-stroke cylinders.
  • A special screw with special tool steel alloy secures the BIM series sensor in the cylinder groove. This ensures stable sensor mounting. BIM-UNT and BIM-UNTK both feature a fixing lip. Consequently, they can be mounted in the field effortlessly, without the need for additional tools.
  • The bright all-around LED is clearly visible from all sides, ensuring that the current switching status is seen perfectly from any angle at all times.
Magnetic position sensors BIM Series Turck

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