Turck sensors for smart sensor solutions

Turck sensors that ensure a continuous flow of information down to the smallest automation unit became indispensable in a smart solution for Industry 4.0 and IIoT. If you are after a combination of robustness and precision, an easy setup and start-up, as well as the extended range of applications via IO-Link, Turck sensors are the right choice!

Provide the optimal solution for your application

Position and distance measurement, object detection or detection of fluids – there is hardly any automation task for which there is not also a suitable Turck sensor. In addition to the robustness and precision, you will also be convinced by the extended range of applications via IO-Link.

Easy parameterization and commissioning, reading out additional data such as switching cycles or temperature and ensuring a continuous flow of information down to the smallest automation unit – this is how Turck sensors become a smart solution for Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

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Measure Position and Distance precisely

Turck smart sensor solutions

Whether ranges of a few millimeters or a hundred meters – Turck offers the right sensor solution for position and distance measurement. Benefit from high precision, absolute wear-free design and maximum robustness for numerous tasks.

The portfolio includes inductive and photoelectric sensors as well as ultrasonic, radar and linear position sensors. Encoders for measuring angular positions and rotary movements are also available.

  • Monitor mechanical movements of machine parts for wear – thanks to the integrated analysis of missing positioning elements
  • Detect an imminent device failure at an early stage with the sensor-internal temperature monitoring
  • Distance measurement
  • Position determination
  • Object measurement
  • Diameter measurement
  • Sag and deformation control
  • Material flow monitoring
  • Level measurement

Detect Objects smartly

Contactless and precise sensors from Turck detect a wide variety of objects such as wood, paper, metal, liquids, granules or permanent magnets. Depending on the required range and external conditions, inductive, capacitive or magnetic field sensors are ideal. Photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors show their strengths at greater distances.

  • Intelligent movement play detection of positioned objects – to prevent mechanical failure
  • Machine data analysis via an integrated counter for operating hours and switching cycles
  • Parts detection and counting
  • Presence control
  • Stack height monitoring
  • Clear object detection
  • Small parts detection
  • Level detection
  • Position detection in cylinders
  • Position feedback

Detect Fluids accurately

The wide range of measuring and monitoring tasks in fluid sensor technology requires a variety of solutions. Turck therefore not only offers pressure, temperature and flow sensors, but also sensors for level measurement and level detection – on the basis of different, application-optimized technologies.

  • Environmental monitoring during the parameterization of flow sensors – for efficient and error-free commissioning
  • Peak value memory for pressure and temperature simplifies subsequent analyses of the machine
  • Flow monitoring
  • Temperature control
  • Pressure measurement
  • Level measurement
  • Level detection of liquids and solids

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Turck smart sensor solutions

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