IO-Link Uprox3 inductive sensors Turck

With an IO-Link , Turck Uprox3 inductive sensors are transformed into a universal switch – including identification. They represent the most versatile and powerful inductive sensor Turck has ever produced.

Exploit universal communication

The intelligent interface makes the factor 1 inductive proximity switch a universal sensor that can be parameterized to suit over 100,000 individual requirements. For example, we can set the two separately adjustable switching distances (each either NO or NC, as well as PNP or NPN), which enable early warning functions to be set for targets subject to wear. The user can thus take action already before a failure occurs.

We can also set different timer functions, e.g., an off-delay for speed monitoring. These options are already possible in I/O mode, in which the sensor can be operated on a conventional digital input.

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Use them in every application

Turck Uprox3 inductive sensors with IO-Link are available in four variants:

  • a M12 variant with a switching distance of up to 6 mm,
  • a M18 variant with a switching distance of up to 10 mm
  • both in a chrome brass housing
  • both available in PTFE-coated variants for welding applications.
  • Cylindrical housing, IP68 protection
  • Factor 1 for all metals, resistant to magnetic fields
  • DC-4 wire connection, M12 x 1 connector
  • Configuration and communication via IO-Link v. 1.1 or standard I/O
  • Adjustable electrical outputs (NC/NO, PNP/NPN)
  • Adjustable switching distance and hysteresis
  • Identification over 32 bytes of memory
  • Temperature monitoring by limit setting
  • Time and pulse settings

Unlock access to parameter and evaluation functions

Even more possibilities are offered in the IO-Link mode when the inductive sensor is operated on an IO-Link master. This enables us access to all parameter and evaluation functions. The intelligent data retention with IO-Link 1.1 allows a sensor to be exchanged without having to reset parameters.

In the process uprox3-IOL provides further analysis options such as application-specific switch points, temperature limits or an identification number. These can be used to identify 256 different nodes. Presence control of workpiece carriers or change tools and their simultaneous identification can thus be implemented with a single sensor.

IO-Link Uprox3 inductive sensors Turck

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IO-Link Uprox3 inductive sensors Turck

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