Modular I/O system Yaskawa Vipa SLIO

Modular control and I/O system Yaskawa Vipa SLIO is the right choice for everyone who is looking for one of the most effective and modern decentralized I/O systems available on the market. Take advantage of the combination of high functionality with a clever mechanic concept in an extremely compact design for simpler and especially more economical realization of almost every automated solution!

Control advanced applications quickly and easily

The YASKAWA Vipa SLIO modular I /O control system is a cost-effective and powerful system for controlling applications in the automation industry. It combines high functionality with a clever mechanic concept in an extremely compact design. With this modular system, you will be able to realize almost every automated solution simpler and especially more economical.

With a combination of SLIO CPUs and SLIO interface modules that support up to 64 electronic modules on the SLIO backplane bus, you can create a large decentralized system. You can use the same electronic modules with both the SLIO CPUs and SLIO interface modules.

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Modular SLIO combines many advantages

YASKAWA Vipa SLIO modular control system

Expandable with up to 64 I/O modules with 2, 4 or 8 channels on the SLIO backplane bus

Different systems via different protocols such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP

Various programming options – with SPEED 7 studio, TIA portal, SIMATIC manager and WinPLC7

CPU speed and performance with SPEED 7 technology – is one of the most powerful S7-compatible controllers. High-performance bus with transmission rates ofup to 48 Mbit/s, and fast reaction time of up to 20 µs.

Configure modular SLIO within seconds

With the new SLIO CPU, the I/O system has become one of the most advanced decentralized control systems on the automation market. With the introduction of the SetCards, you can configure a suitable CPU within seconds, saving time and money! Besides expandable work memory, you can also select between a variety of field bus connections.

SLIO’s unique configuration concept lowers your costs, as you can use a smaller number of CPUs for different functionalities. There are over 100 different combination options available, which you can activate quickly by inserting the appropriate VIPA SetCard. As you activate the features in your CPU you have the matching CPU for your installation. Activation takes a maximum of 10 seconds!

YASKAWA Vipa SLIO modular control system features

Modular SLIO communicates via many protocols

YASKAWA Vipa SLIO modular control system features

Do you need an industrial controller that supports communication via various communication protocols? The SLIO modular control system with a specific CPU model can be equipped with various interfaces. In Europe, PROFINET is used as standard for communication. In the US, controllers communicate via EtherNet/IP, and in Asia via EtherCAT.

SLIO can easily communicate across all protocols, you just need to choose the right coupler that suits your needs. You can connect to other devices via PROFIBUS, PROFINET or EtherCAT communication.

Exploit great features

Take advantage of the compact CPUs with integrated I/O channels for smaller applications, while an EtherCAT communication and support for Motion Control in the modular CPU are indispensable for larger applications. Up to 128, both PROFINET and EtherCAT devices, can be connected to the PROFINET or EtherCAT controller.

There is also an MPI interface available that can be expanded with PROFIBUS SLAVE or MASTER. SLIO I/O interface modules are available with various communication protocols: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherNet/IP and even Modbus TCP.

YASKAWA Vipa SLIO modular control system features

Expand your system with modular SLIO

modular Yaskawa Vipa SLIO

The highlights of all SLIO CPUs:

The SLIO CPUs are one of the most powerful S7-compatible CPUs on the market. Equipped with the proven SPEED7 technology, they offer you unique functionalities: integrated EtherNET interfaces, the high-performance backplane bus or the expandable work memory.

High bus performance (highspeed backplane bus concept) allows you to switch quickly in up to ± 1μs, independent of fieldbus communication. The advantages of this bus are high data transfer speed – up to 48 Mbit/s, extremely fast reaction times – up to 20 μsone connection module for all signal and function modules.

  • 100% compatible with S7 programming language,
  • programmable with SPEED7 Studio, TIA, Simatic Manager and WinPLC7,
  • extremely fast cycle times,
  • up to 64 I/O modules in a line,
  • proven SPEED7 technology,
  • deployable also without memory card.

Quickly develop motion applications

Yaskawa Vipa SLIO Motion Control functions

With modern Motion Control functions, you can cleverly extend your modular SLIO diversity in accordance with PLCopen standards. You simply activate the Motion Control functions with the VIPA SetCard and start with project engineering and programming. With the SLIO 015N, you can quickly configure motion function with the Motion Control library, without any special prior knowledge.

The advantage are considerably simplified processes and reduced development effort that do not require special drive, field bus and communication programming. You can also easily switch to the YASKAWA Sigma-5, Sigma-7, A1000 and V1000 drive systems for virtual positioning and to determine rotational speed axes.

Simply connect directly to other EtherCAT devices in the SPEED 7 Studio. With EtherCAT and the new SLIO Motion Control, high-performance communication and multi-axis applications are now available.

Key features of the SLIO Motion Controller:

  • one CPU for standard and Motion Control applications,
  • fully integrated EtherCAT master,
  • proven SPEED7 technology for the highest clock rates,
  • cycle synchronicity and smulti-axis applications via EtherCAT,
  • programmable with SPEED 7 Studio
  • Solutions from a single source for the control and drive part,
  • Up to 20 controllable axes.

Quickly install and service modular SLIO

The I/O module unit consists of a terminal and electronic modules that are connected with a special safe slide and lock mechanism. The terminal module combines clamps, intake for the electronics module and the SLIO backplane bus connector. When servicing only the electronic module is replaced quickly by simply pulling it out from the terminal module. The wiring and mounting on the standard DIN rail remain unchanged, which shortens production downtime.

The electronic modules are supplied with voltage and separated – if necessary – in potential groups by the power modules. The cage clamps on the terminal module are arranged in the shape of staircases.

With the proven and particularly tight-contacting cage clamp technology they enable a fast, clear and safe wiring. The electronic modules are coded, which reduces the possibility of connection errors.

The innovative stepped-wiring design with cage clamps allows you to work quickly without screwing. The electronics are protected against reverse polarity. 2, 4 and 8-channel modules allow you high modularity.

Integrated status LEDs and the user friendly front labeling strips of the electronic modules enable you the channel accurate assignment and clear and precise readability of the channel status.

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