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We invite you to a Unitronics PLC controllers free training, which we will organize in our company – Tipteh d.o.o. There are two types of lectures related to the use of the free software that you will receive in the kit when you purchase your Unitronics PLC controller.

Choose your prefered software

VisiLogic PLC Unitronics


Training is on the use of Unitronics VisiLogic software. You will learn how to program the Unitronics PLC controller Vision and Samba.

Unilogic PLC Unitronics


Ttraining is on the use of Unitronics UniLogic software. You will learn how to use Unitronics UniStream PLC controller programming.

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Use simple “Drag&Drop” interface

Both, the UniLogic and VisiLogic software are based on a transparent user interface and ease of use. They will save you time, money and, above all, nerves. With the help of an advanced program interface, you will be able to create a logical part of the program and design a HMI panel in the same window.

The “Drag & Drop” function is also very useful, allowing you to simply move the individual elements of the logical part of the program to the appropriate place in the sequence of commands.

Benefit with structures & function blocks

UniLogic makes it very easy to configure and use different communication standards, as it does not require ladder programming. It also allows the design of structures that connect different parameters into individual wholes. You have user function blocks, with which you create a block once and then use it in all new programs. UniLogic allows the display of alerts in an audio, video or PDF file, thus further enlarging the HMI screen.

With the help of the Data Sampler function, you can save and process data in the controller, export it, send it via e-mail or transfer it to a regular SD card. The Remote Access application enables connection to the controller via Ethernet, USB or VNC connection for connecting a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

Want to attend our training?

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