UniStream Programmable Logic Controller

Unitronics’ UniStream programmable controller is the result of many years of work, experience and research in the field of automation. Its advantage is the integrated design in which a large color touch screen and a powerful central processing unit are integrated in all-in-one unit.

Controller with multi-touch HMI

Unitronics has expanded their UniStream series with a multi-purpose controller with a 10.4-inch multi-touch HMI.

The multi-touch screen enables the use of gestures using up to 5 points of contact that are familiar from the world of cell phones and tablets. Multi-touch and two-hand gestures—including Pinch & Zoom, Press & Hold, Double-Tap, Swipe and more, all increase operating safety and an improved user experience.

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Advantages of PLC controller

Unitronics UniStream controller

The advantage of the UniStream all-in-one PLCs from Unitronics is their integrated design, which combines high-quality HMI touch panels in different dimensionsa and a powerful CPU (Central Processing Unit). The CPU supports up to 2048 I/O points. The number and type of signals are determined by the broad range of sophisticated, space-saving I/O modules.

The controller, featuring the most established industry communication standards, boast competitive price. The PLC supports ModBus (serial/Ethernet), Ethernet IP, TCP/IP, FTP, serial, UniCAN.

Slash your development time by 50%

UniLogic software is A FREE software, based on a simple and transparent user interface that will save you time. The advanced features allow you to create a logical part of the program and design the HMI screen in one window. Configuring and using communications is very simple.

Programming is done by structures, that allow you to incorporate certain parameters into individual parts. You can also use function blocks, which create once and then use in all new programs. All of the above features and applications are included with the controller and are free to use as well as technical assistance!

Unitronics UniStream controller, UniLogic

Extremely powerful PLC controller

Unitronics UniStream controller

Audio, video or pdf files can be used instead of the classic text instructions, which makes it easier to use the HMI screen. Data Sampler is used to store and process data in the controller.

The data can then be edited, exported, e-mailed or transferred to a regular SD card. The Remote Access application allows you to connect the controller via EtherNet, USB or VNC to a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

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Unitronics UniStream controller

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