Affordable IP67 control units

IP67 control units offer you high performance, robustness and flexibility at an affordable price.

TTControl HY-TTC 50 control units

The TTCONTROL HY-TTC 50 control units will serve you with high performance and flexibility and convince you with their affordable price. The electronic circuit of the unit is protected from external influences with a robust IP67 aluminum housing.

This means that you will be able to use them even in the most demanding applications. As a result, you will be able to use them even in extreme conditions, where you need reliable operation in humidity, vibration, temperature changes and also mechanical loads.

TTControl HY-TTC 50 control unit

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Tailor the control unit to your needs

IP67 control units TTControl HY-TTC-50 application

They are designed so that you can adjust the operation of each pin individually and adjust the operation to the needs of your application. For example, all output pins can be configured as input. You will be able to program the control unit in the C programming language and in CODESYS, and you will also be able to communicate via CAN communication, which is essential for all modern vehicles.
Due to the ever-increasing amount of data being stored and transmitted in modern vehicles, manufacturers have also begun to use logical subnets in larger devices. To this end, TTCONTROL has also equipped the HY-TTC 94 controllers with four CAN communication channels.

Prepare to be convinced

The most powerful HY-TTC 94 control units of the HY-TTC family also offer you integrated functional safety. In addition to the main unit, the controller also has an auxiliary central memory unit (CPU), which provides you with better control over the operation of the main CPU and security-critical input/output signals.

In the event of a fault, the integrated safety switch disconnects the power supply to all outputs and enters the safe mode. The HY-TTC94 control unit meets the requirements of PL d (Performance Level D) and complies with the ISO/EN 13894 functional safety standard.

The control units of the HY-TTC family hide another trump card up their sleeve, which will definitely come in handy. The units are designed so that you can define all outputs as inputs. This will completely adapt their operation to your application and further increase efficiency. The inputs are available in various pull-up, pull-down options, and the analog inputs can be defined as resistive, potentiometer or current.

TTControl HY-TTC 50 control unit

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TTControl HY-TTC 50 control unit application

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